A Sinister Connection (4)

Natalie:  What are you doing up so early? It feels like the middle of the night. Steve Sorry to wake you, Natalie. I have to go to Omega early this morning.

Natalie:  This early? (She looks out the window) It's still dark outside. Steve, What's going on? Nobody has a meeting at this hour of the day.

Steve:  I can't tell you just yet, Natalie. Why don't you go back to sleep? I'll Call you later.

Natalie:  (sighs) All right, Steve. I'll start thinking about what to do today. Cy Is starting to have "cabin fever." He really wants to go outside.

Steve:  I forgot to tell you; there is one place you could go that would be safe. Take the elevator down to the mezzanine level, turn left and go through the double doors There's an atrium that leads outside to an enclosed patio.

Natalie:  That sounds perfect! I could even pack a lunch for us to eat outside.

Steve:  You've been so wonderful to take care of Cy; I really appreciate your help.

Natalie:  (blushing) I'm glad I can help, Steve. He's a nice old man.

Steve:  I'm going to call the driver; let's have a long talk when I get back. (He goes to the phone and calls; Natalie goes back to bed.)

Steve is soon in the limo on his way to Omega. He feels a momentary pang of regret when the driver yawns several times. However, Steve realizes this is the best time of the day for him to accomplish the necessary task. Arriving at the company, he thanks the driver, and tells him to go home to sleep. He walks to the door, repeats the steps Cy had given him and goes inside. This time he does not need a flashlight. He pauses at the top of the stairs. No sounds. Steve feels for the handrail and carefully walks down the stairs. The embedded lights are just enough for him to find the lab door, unlock it and go inside. He opens the closet and removes the large carton of cold medication. He carries it to the maintenance door and uses his key to go inside. He listens again. No sounds. Steve turns the faucet handle and the door opens. In just a few minutes, he has donned the lab coat and glasses. Opening each box of medication, he pours the liquid into every beaker. It foams to the top, and then settles again. There is no obvious change. He goes to the next room and adjusts the thermostat on the wall to zero. Steve retraces his steps making sure to take all the papers and boxes with him. He smashes them flat and takes them to an outside dumpster at the rear of the building. He then goes to the lobby to wait for the Omega day to begin.
Author: Torsten Daerr