Deception and Confrontation (1)

Natalie and Cy are unaware of the chaos happening at Omega. They are sitting in the arboretum, enjoying the colorful sights and pleasant fragrances of all the flowers. They are drinking ice tea, eating sandwiches and discussing Steve.

Cy:  I know it's really none of my business, Natalie, but what's going on with you two?

Natalie:  (blushing) What do you mean?

Cy:  Look; I'm an old man and I've seen that look a hundred times. It's a look that makes me very envious. You and Steve have become very important to this old guy in just a short time, so, I'm asking; do you love the guy?

Natalie:  (shocked) Cy, you know I'm married! My husband is going to need me to take care of him for a long time. So the question is moot.

Cy:  That's not what I asked you. (repeats) I know you're not a bedswerver, but do you love Steve?

Natalie:  (Covering face with hands) I don't know. I shouldn't love him…it's all so confusing. (She puts her hands down on the table.) I think I fell in love with him when he bought that tour ticket… (softly) What am I going to do?

Cy:  (Patting her hand) It's all right, Natalie girl. It will all work out for the best.

Natalie:  People say that all the time; but what does it mean? If I love Steve, how can I leave my husband? I can't be that cruel he doesn't have anyone but me.

Cy:  What's his name?

Natalie:  There's a little bit of a story in his name. He was named after his father, but never liked the name. As soon as he turned 18, and could legally change it to something else; he started researching names. He narrowed it down to either Ken, John, Eric or…

Cy:  I knew an Eric a long time ago….nice lad. I taught him how to build birdhouse, bookshelves, even a chair for his mom. But his dad said he was spending too much time with his "crazy" old uncle and wouldn't let him come over very often.

Natalie:  Sounds like the father was jealous. What happened?

Cy:  Eric started hanging around with the wrong group of boys. They got arrested for stealing. Soon after that, his dad decided to move the family out of state. I had a few letters from my sister, then nothing.

Natalie:  Did you try to find them?

Cy:  Oh, yes. I tried; even hired a detective, but he couldn't find them.

Natalie:  So strange. What do you think happened?

Cy:  I think by now, my sister might have died. But I sure would like to find out where my nephew is. I'm guessing he might have got into more trouble and ended up in jail or prison.

Natalie:  Oh, Cy, Not in prison! Why would you think that?

Cy:  Well his father never gave him much attention until Eric got in trouble with the law. Then his dad was really tough on him. Kids learn early how to get their parents attention. If that was the only way he could get some consideration, then…

Natalie:  My husband was mostly raised in Culver Military Academy. His mother died in a car accident on the way home after visiting him there. After that, it was easier to stay at the academy than go home to a father that ignored him. So sad! I hope I can be a good parent some day.

Cy:  I think you will be a great mom! What about your husband; does he want to have children?

Natalie:  He's not sure. (pauses) We've been having a few problems in our marriage because I want children and he is undecided. (sighs) That's not entirely true. We've had other problems in the past year, too.

Cy:  If you want to talk about it; I'm a good listener.

Natalie:  Thank you, Cy. (She takes a handkerchief from her purse.) I'm just not sure we should have married; we are just such different people. (wiping her eyes) I think if the accident had not happened, I might have filed for a divorce by now. But, the accident has changed everything… Let's change the subject. I'd like to know a little about your lovely lab assistant.
Author: Torsten Daerr