Deception and Confrontation (2)

Cy:  (Cy is turning red.) What do you want to know about her?

Natalie:  She's very pretty, don't' you think so? (teasing him.)

Cy:  (He is embarrassed) I don't know… guess I never noticed.

Natalie:  (laughing) Somehow, I'm not convinced! (cell phone rings) Hello. Steve! We were just talking about you…I think he is feeling a little better…you want to talk to him…All right. (she hands phone to Cy.)

Cy:  Steve! (with pleasure) How are things going at Omega? (listening) Twins? Really? That would explain a few things. Yes, I'm sitting down why? A drug lab? … Turner? … Omigosh!

Natalie:  What's happening?

Cy:  Wait a minute; I want to tell Natalie….put her on the phone? O.K. You are not going to believe this! (hands her the phone.)

Natalie:  Steve? What's happening over there? (listens) a hidden drug lab? That's incredible!...The DEA agents are there?... Who do they think is responsible?. A shut down? That would be terrible!...Oh, it's not definite…? When will the decision be made? (Natalie notices Cy is signaling to her.) Just a minute, Cy wants to talk again. (hands phone to him.)

Cy:  I heard something about a shut-down? seize the company assets! But how can they do that?...

Natalie:  What? What is he saying?

Cy:  Just a minute, Steve. ((holds hand over phone while talking to Natalie)The company assets can be seized if the DEA can prove the board members had full knowledge of what was happening in the drug lab.

Natalie:  What a mess!

Cy:  (continues talking to Steve) What do you mean? Why are you in trouble?

Natalie:  Steve's in trouble? Why?

Cy:  Just a minute, Nat; let me finish listening, and then I'll tell you. (He continues listening) Good for you! I probably would have done the same thing. (to Natalie) The drug agents said Steve should have called them instead of trying to destroy the plants and chemicals. They asked him how he knew what to do. (back to phone) And don't leave town?

Natalie:  Ask him when he can come back here.

Cy:  How soon will they let you leave?...Oh, you're calling from the limo? Good. You'll be here in a few minutes?. Come to the arboretum. (closes phone and hands it to Natalie.)

They stare at each other for a few minutes. Each digesting the information from the call. Natalie's phone rings again.

Natalie:  Steve must have forgotten to tell us something. (opens phone.) Oh, it's you….I've been busy… (to Cy) Will you excuse me, please? (She walks a short distance away from the table) Why are you calling?. You're in Chicago?. The Ambassador East? No, I can't meet you; I've decided not to take the money… I just don't think he's hiding anything…. No, I won't change my mind. (closes phone.)

Cy:  Are you all right, Nat? You look very upset

Natalie:  Cy, I need to confess something; it's about Steve. (She bites her lip, frowning, and sits down.)

Cy:  I'm listening.

Natalie:  My meeting him was not an accident; it was planned.

Cy:  Oh? Why?

Natalie:  This is difficult to say; I feel very dishonest. I didn't know Steve would be such a nice guy. I just can't deceive him any longer.

Cy:  Go on.

Natalie:  (takes a deep breathe) O,K. Steve's former wife hired me to spy on him.

Cy:  What! Why would she do that?

Natalie:  She is convinced that Steve hid some assets from her during the divorce proceedings. She wants me to find out if he has more money. In return, she is going to give me money for Ken's surgery...)

Cy:  What a devious woman! Where did you meet her?

Natalie:  (pausing) I've known her for a long time; She's my cousin, Heather (Cy looks shocked.)

Natalie:  (phone rings again) Hello… Calm down… Yelling won't make me change my mind. I can't…he seems like a very honest guy.I just don't think he would hide money from you… No, you can't come here. Why should I meet you? (Natalie listens for a long time.) You'll give me half of the money anywayYes, I do need the money, but no more spying, agreed?(she looks at Cy.)
Author: Torsten Daerr