Deception and Confrontation (3)

Cy:  Natalie, don't do it…don't meet her. How can you trust her?

Natalie:  (into the phone) All right, I'll meet you….Steve should be here soon so Cy wouldn't be alone very long….You're in a cab on the right side of the building? How did you know where…Yes…(she closes the cell phone and puts it on the table.)

Cy:  (shaking his head) Natalie, just wait until Steve comes; he'll know what to do. I have a bad feeling about this.

Natalie:  Don't worry, Cy. I'll be back in 30 minutes, then I'll to tell Steve all about this; I hope he can forgive me. (she rushes out the side door.)

Cy:  (talking to self) I don't like this. I hope Steve gets here soon. The cell phone…Steve gave everyone his number…let's see….press this button to "find"…scroll down to …here it is. (presses button) Steve, how close are you? … I'll say there's trouble! Natalie just left here to meet her cousin in a cab. She promised her some money…Oh, you're right outside? Get in here fast! (he closes phone, stands up and walks toward the elevator. It pings, and Steve bursts through the doors.

Steve:  Cy, what's wrong?

Cy:  I don't think Natalie is safe. She just left here to meet her cousin and get this……she's your ex-wife!

Steve:  What! Natalie and Heather are cousins? How did you find out?

Cy:  Natalie told me; she was going to tell you today. It seems your ex- wife believes you have more assets that you hid during the divorce.

Steve:  (bitterly) That sounds like Heather. So the two of them plotted…

Cy:  I think Natalie got "suckered" into helping her… She needed money for her husband's surgery, and Heather took advantage of that fact. She had Natalie convinced that you were dishonest.

Steve:  Heather can be very persuasive.

Cy:  Steve, Natalie talked to her on the phone and said she didn't want anything else to do with this plan. She was going to tell you the truth.

Steve:  Then Natalie really is in danger. In the past, if Heather couldn't get her way, she became violent. When we went for marriage counseling, I was told privately that Heather was a person without a conscience.

Cy:  The counselor said she's a psychopath?

Steve:  Yes, that's why I'm so worried about Natalie's safety. Do you have any idea at all where they were going? Cy I tried not to listen, but I heard Nat say, "Ambassador." I think that's where she's staying.

Steve:  I'm going to call the hotel and see if she's registered there.

Steve dials the operator to get the number of the hotel. A desk clerk confirms that Heather is staying for two days. Steve decides to go there immediately. He calls the limo driver. Cy asks to go along. They arrive at the hotel and ask the desk clerk to call the room.

Heather:  Hello.

Steve:  (yelling) Heather, what do you think you are doing?

Heather:  Well, hello to you, too, Steve. There's no need to yell.

Steve:  Heather, I swear if you've hurt Natalie, I'll…

Heather:  You'll what? I knew you'd find us; did the old man tell you we are cousins? What's the expression? "blood is thicker than water." I knew I could talk Natalie into helping her me.

Steve:  All right, I know what you've been trying to find out. But you're wrong; I have not hidden any assets from the divorce settlement. I gave you half of everything according to the agreement.

Heather:  That's too bad that you won't admit it, Steve. Why don't you come up to room 614 and we'll discuss it. I hope Natalie is awake when you get here. She just had a lovely cup of tea and it made her so sleepy. (laughs and hangs up phone.

Steve:  (in shock) I think she's trying to kill Natalie. (to the desk clerk) I need help. Someone in room 614 just took an overdose of sleeping pills.
Author: Torsten Daerr