Deception and Confrontation (4)

The clerk is startled and rings for the manager. They meet the hotel doctor and take the elevator upstairs. The manager knocks on the door. There is no answer. He then uses the pass-key to let all of them in. Heather is standing in front of the large window. She turns to face them, and her smile changes to one of hate. Natalie is unconscious on the sofa.

Heather:  What is this? I said Steve could come up, not all of you! (She rushes toward him with her nails poised to scratch his face.) This is your fault!

Manager:  (grabbing her by the wrists. Hold on a minute; what do you think you're doing? (Steve rushes to Natalie.)

Steve:  Natalie, Natalie… Cy, call 911.

Heather:  (screaming) Let me go; let me go. (she is kicking and screaming) Doctor Hang on to her while I check this woman. (He listens to Natalie's heartbeat, looks at her eyes, and takes her pulse.) She definitely needs to go to the hospital. My phone is quicker. (He punches in number to get an ambulance.)

Heather:  No, no! You can't help her! (The doctor gives her an injection as the manager holds Heather down.)

Cy:  Why? Why did you do this to her? She's your cousin!

Heather:  Because old man, she didn't do what I told her. She had to be punished. (The medication takes effect and Heather loses consciousness.)

Steve:  If anything happens to Natalie… (He sits down beside her and takes her hand in his. Natalie stirs.)

Natalie:  (words are slurred) Steve? What happened? I'm so tired…

Doctor:  You've been give some sleeping pills and we have to get them out of your system. The ambulance is on its' way.

Steve:  Doctor, is she going to be all right?

Doctor:  Her blood pressure and heart rate have been affected, so . I'm going to give her an injection of Romazicon … (he injects substance into Natalie's arm) I've been carrying a lot of this with me lately.

Steve:  (anxiously) What will that do?

Doctor:  It's going to improve the cardiac function and restore her blood pressure. It reverses some sleeping pills and drugs like valium, xanax, ativan and buspar.

Noises in the hallway indicate medical help has arrived. Steve opens the door. The medics are directed to place Natalie on the stretcher. Steve calls for the limo for he and Cy to follow the ambulance to the hospital. In the, meantime, the manager calls for a house detective. With the doctor, they decide Heather needs to go to the hospital also, but will go to the psychiatric floor for observation and restraint. Her actions will be reported to the local authorities. Steve and Cy are in the hospital room as Natalie awakens.

Natalie:  Steve…I need to tell you something…

Steve:  It's all right, Natalie. I know what happened. You need to rest now

Natalie:  My throat is sore…

Cy:  Steve, pour her a little water. (He pours the water and holds it to her lips.) Your throat is sore because the doctor had to put a tube down your throat to empty your stomach. Natalie What happened to me?

Steve:  What's the last thing you remember?

Natalie:  We were in Heather's hotel room, she poured us some tea. Then… I don't remember anything until waking up.

Cy:  She put sleeping pills in your tea. We think she was trying to kill you.

Natalie:  (shocked) But why?

Steve:  You didn't do what she wanted. Heather can not take rejection. She has to have what she wants and when she wants it. Otherwise, she lashes out with violence.

Cy:  Natalie, is there anyone we should call about you being in the hospital? (He takes her hand in his.)

Natalie:  No, no one. (She closes her eyes and nods off.)

Steve:  We should let her get some rest. Let's go to the cafeteria.

Cy:  I sure could use a cup of coffee! And I want to hear more details about Omega. What's going to happen to the company? (They take an elevator down to the cafeteria.)
Author: Torsten Daerr