Deception and Confrontation (5)

Steve:  I'm not sure. But the meeting was certainly strange, Turner was trying to convince everyone that Omega should move to Mexico. (Cy buys their coffee and they sit down at a table.)

Cy:  I've heard of a few companies relocating there, but why Omega?

Steve:  I think it was all a part of a major plan. If the company moved to Mexico, the Omega building would be up for sale. Turner or his associates would buy the building, and have even more space for their drug operation.

Cy:  It's too bad he let his gambling habit take over his life like that. He must have been desperate for money.

Steve:  According to his confession, Turner owed a lot of money to some very bad guys. They told him to either come up with the money or set up a drug operation in the building. If he didn't comply, his family members were going to disappear, one at a time.

Cy:  That's horrible!

Steve:  And the saddest part is, he'll never be able to see his family again. They were all put in the witness protection program. The wife, kids, everyone was moved to another state, had their names changed, and had to leave everything behind.

Cy:  Just imagine living with that the rest of your life. I just hope Charles is remorseful.

Steve:  He's scared. He said it feels like a thousand eyes are watching his every move. He doesn't even feel safe in jail. But so far, he hasn't given names of other people involved.

Cy:  Is that what is called "honor among thieves?" (laughing.)

Steve:  I guess so. Are you ready to go back to Natalie's room?

Cy:  In a minute; I hope you don't mind my asking, but what's going to happen with you two?

Steve:  Nothing, Cy. She's a married woman. I know she's an honorable woman and would never have an affair.

Cy:  And you wouldn't want her to have an affair.

Steve:  That's right. Finally, I meet a sweet, fantastic woman, and she's taken! Life can be so unfair.(he groans) I'll probably never see her again after she goes home.

Cy:  I just think it is strange…(He sips some of the coffee.)

Steve:  What do you think is strange?

Cy:  When you asked if she wanted us to call anyone….you know, to let them know she was in the hospital…Don't you think it is a little strange that she wouldn't want her husband to know?

Steve:  Maybe she didn't want to worry him?

Cy:  Or she doesn't think he would care?

Steve:  (obviously startled) Did Natalie say something to that affect?

Cy:  Maybe you two should talk. I don't think she is real happy in that marriage.

Steve:  If I thought there was a chance.

Cy:  Well since you're not allowed to leave town for a while, maybe you two should enjoy the time you do have; just be friends.

Steve:  You are a good friend, Cy. Thank you for the advice. Why don't the three of us play tourist and explore Chicago in the next few days?

Cy:  (grinning) I'd like that! After all the years of living here, I've never really seen much of Chicago.

Steve:  I've been thinking so much about Natalie, I forgot to drink my coffee. It's cold anyway. Are you ready to go back to her room?

Cy:  Yes, I'm ready. (He finishes drinking the last of the coffee.)

They go upstairs and find Natalie sitting up in bed. She is talking to a doctor. Cy walks over and pats her on the hand. She smiles and looks down at his hand, then looks puzzled.

Doctor:  I'd like to keep you here overnight. Then if you are all right, you can go home around 10:00 in the morning.

Natalie:  No, I really want to leave. I promise to rest, but I don't want to stay here.

Steve:  Is it all right, Doctor? Cy and I can take care of her.
Author: Torsten Daerr