Deception and Confrontation (6)

Cy:  Sure, we can!

Doctor:  If you really feel "up to it", I'll sign the release papers. We'll go wait in the hall while you get dressed. (They follow him into the hall.) Make sure she has only soft foods and liquids for the next 24 hours.

Steve:  Thanks, we'll take good care of her. Do you have any special instructions for us?

Doctor:  I understand she was given Romazican……so read this paper of possible side effects from this drug. Call me immediately if you notice any of them….here's my direct number. Goodbye. (He walks down the hall.)

Natalie:  I'm ready guys. (She calls out.)

Steve:  Don't move; I'm getting a wheelchair. (He finds one and wheels it into the room. Natalie sits down.)

Natalie:  Thank you; I guess I am feeling a little weak.

Cy:  (Putting his hand on her hand.) Don't you worry; Steve and I will take care of you.

Natalie:  (staring at his hand) Cy, I have to ask you a personal question..

Cy:  Shoot! What do you want to know?

Natalie:  It's about your hands they are so young looking for a man your age…. And you don't have any signs of arthritis… I remember my Aunt and uncle at your age….their fingers were crippled with arthritis. What is your secret?

Cy:  It really is a secret. (he whispers) I'll tell you more about it when we get back to the apartment. Steve, remember that notebook I asked you to put in a safe place?

Steve:  Yes, it's safe.(They start walking to the entrance.)

Cy:  You know when my apartment was ransacked? It's my belief someone was trying to find the notes to my discovery. Whoever markets the product will make billions of dollars!

Natalie:  Billions? What is this amazing discovery?

Cy:  First let me give you a little background: science has been my whole life. I love everything about it! But a few years ago, I started dropping beakers and test tubes in the lab, something I had never done before. And do you know why?

Steve:  No. Why?

Cy:  I was getting arthritis. My fingers were bending in unnatural curves. I was devastated! A man who had devoted 50 years of his adult life to science. I thought I would have to give up working in labs and knowing the joy of discovery.

Natalie:  That would be difficult.

Cy:  But then I thought again about my problem. You've heard the expression" necessity is the mother of inventions? I stood there at that lab table thinking if ever there was a necessity for an invention it was then!

Steve:  Do you mean…….?

Cy:  (still whispering) I've discovered a cure for arthritis.

Natalie:  (Looking at him in awe) Cy, you are a going to be a rich man!

Cy:  Not me, Natalie; my contract states all inventions created by me are the sole property of Omega Bio-Tech. The company is going to be in great financial shape despite Turner's folly.
Author: Torsten Daerr