Double Trouble? (4)

Phillips:  And if he isn't well enough to return by then…

Steve:  You release another statement that he is giving lectures in Germany. No one will be able to check the veracity of these statements. And you know Helga won't tell anyone the real story.

Webb:  Knowing Cy, he will want to return by the end of the month…. we can always say he had a skiing accident in Switzerland if he shows up in a cast. (laughter.)

Steve:  Will you buzz for a secretary to email it to all the employees? (Webb does this.)

Webb:  (Secretary enters) Suzanne, we've had some great news about Dr. Krueger. Would you please read this and pass it on to all the employees?

Suzanne:  Of course, Mr. Webb. (She is reading the copy when leaving.)

Turner:  Well, that's taken care of; good work, Steve. (all agree. Helga enters.)

Helga:  Hello, everyone. (She looks unhappy.) I have something to say. (everyone looks interested) I just hope once I tell you, I won't be "fired."

Webb:  Fired? Why would anyone do that? Helga you are a great asset to this company!

Helga:  I hope you feel the same way in a few minutes. (She goes to the door and opens it.) Please come in. (The men are speechless when the woman enters the room.) Everybody, I'd like you to meet my sister Heidi.

Johnson:  (amazed) They're identical twins!

Turner:  Exactly alike!

Steve:  (smiling) Now I understand; when I said good morning and you acted like we had never met. It was Heidi I was talking to, not Helga.

Heidi:  That's right. When I told Helga about it, we both decided it was time to "come clean."

Steve:  I thought something was wrong, Helga, when you didn't ask about Cy. You probably know that he's very fond of you.

Helga:  (blushing) And I'm very fond of him. Is he all right?

Steve:  He's starting to feel grouchy, so I know he's getting better! Webb Helga, why did you think I would "fire" you?

Helga:  I thought you might not like being deceived. My sister and I have been sharing this job for the last few years. Since we are identical twins, it wasn't too difficult to fool people..

Heidi:  Except when I had a cold or allergy problems. Helga isn't allergic to anything, and rarely gets a cold. So I tried to just stay in the lab and not let anyone except Cy observe me with a cold.

Helga:  I decided to order cold medication to keep in the locker. I guess Heidi thought Cy had ordered it for her. I'm sorry we fooled you for so long. I understand if you want us to leave.

Steve:  It certainly makes sense now when Cy told us you had never missed a day of work; you could cover for each other if you were ill.

Webb:  What a great joke! I never suspected anything like this and I go to that lab to have lunch with Cy all the time. There's no way I would "send you packing" I'm going to be laughing about this prank for a long time!

Helga:  We didn't mean it to be a prank; it's just that we both liked the idea of only working part-time, but there are very few companies that would hire part time chemists. I'm so glad you're not upset with us. (They are both relieved.)

Steve:  This is perfect timing. (to Webb) Why don't you let both of them work while Cy is recuperating? It's a huge advantage that you don't have to train a new employee; they both know what needs to be done in the lab.
Author: Torsten Daerr