Good news, bad news (2)

Natalie:  I wonder what role Heather was playing; it wasn't the role of a daughter or a cousin… I know I don't want to ever see her again. And that breaks my heart. Family should stick together.

Steve:  I feel sorry for her, but that part of my life is past. (He goes to the kitchen.) Now, what will it be; chicken noodle or tomato?

Natalie:  I'll take the tomato, please.

Steve:  Then Cy and I will have the chicken noodle and a sandwich.

Natalie's cell phone rings. Cy hands it to her.

Natalie:  (startled) Who could be calling… (looks at the I.D.) It's Stanford Hospital in California! Something must have happened… (she jumps to her feet and starts pacing.) Hello. Ken? What are you doing in the hospital?....You had the surgery?.....But what about the money?....Yes, I remember you said your friend was visiting because of a medical convention……It wasn't quite true?...You were the real reason?...I can get a plane home today……No, but why? (She sits down) I'm listening. There's a long pause.). Then there's nothing more to say, is there? (She closes the phone.)

Cy:  Is everything all right, Nat?

Natalie:  Ken had the surgery on his legs; it looks very successful… His friend donated his services and paid the other expenses. It will be an income tax deduction for him.

Steve:  That's great news! (Looking at Natalie's sad face) You don't look happy; are there complications?

Natalie:  You might say that; Ken doesn't want me to visit him in the hospital. He said it might embarrass his girlfriend.

Cy:  I'm so sorry, Natalie. So your uncle was right about his character. (He gives her a hug.)

Steve:  Me, too. (giving her a hug.)

Natalie:  Thanks guys, I just feel a little numb.

Cy:  He doesn't deserve someone like you; you are too good for him!

Natalie (Takes a deep breath) I don't know what to do next…

Steve:  First, you need to have lunch; then if we can help you…

Cy:  Steve promised to take us on an exploration of the city. Natalie, don't go home yet. The distraction would be good for you.

Natalie:  I would like to see more of Chicago, but I also need to get an attorney, move out of the house, and get a job…

Steve:  (taking her hands in his) Natalie, all of those decisions will still be there in a few days. Please stay.

Natalie:  All right; I'd like to stay longer. You guys are just like family. (grabs a tissue to wipe her eyes.) Subconsciously, I think I knew this day would come.

Steve:  All right. Everyone eats, and then we plan our strategy for exploring. Cy, Natalie, What do you want to see first? Natalie, get the paper over there and see what's going on in Chicago.(Steve finishes preparing the food while Cy puts dishes on the table.)

Natalie:  (Reading the paper) Wicked, The Musical is playing; I'd love to see that! It's probably impossible to get tickets, though.

Steve:  Let me try. (He picks up phone, dials number) Hi, it's Steve… Yes, I'm in town for a few days… my 3 friends and I were wondering about getting tickets for the show… tonight?... just a minute while I ask… Natalie, Cy, do you want to go tonight?

Natalie:  You could get tickets? (They are both surprised) Yes, I want to go!

Cy:  Yes! (to Natalie) I wonder who he knows that he could get tickets so easily. That guy is remarkable!

Steve:  Four tickets would be great! Thanks so much. No, you don't have to send them; we'll get them at the box office. (closes phone.)

Cy:  You're getting four tickets? Why didn't you say we only needed three?

Steve:  Because I was thinking you might like to invite your lovely lab assistant to go with us.

Cy:  (turning red and stammering) She's probably busy…this isn't much notice for her… What if she doesn't want to go with me?

Natalie:  (smiling) The only way you will know the answer to that question is to Call her…
Author: Torsten Daerr