Good news, bad news (3)

Steve:  (clapping him on the shoulder) Come on, Cy; take a chance. I have a feeling she will be happy to spend time with you.

Cy:  What if I can't think of anything to say

Natalie:  You won't be alone… between the four of us, I'm sure there will be plenty of conversation.

Cy:  All right; I'll call her. There have been so many times I've dialed her number, but then…

Steve:  Seems like a perfect opportunity to call her. There's a phone in the bedroom, if you would like to talk privately

Cy:  Okay; wish me luck. (Cy walks into the bedroom.)

Natalie:  Steve, wouldn't it be wonderful if those two "hit it off?"

Steve:  I think there's already a good chance of it happening.

Natalie:  It just seems sad to be alone at his age.

Steve:  True; although he really seems to love his work.

Natalie:  (scolding) Steve, you can't really think work can take the place of having someone special in your life?

Steve:  (laughing) No, that's not what I meant! I was just commenting on how much he enjoys working…(frowning as he remembers the problem at Omega) Now I wonder if he will have a job in the lab.

Natalie:  Did the DEA agents give you any "time frame?"

Steve:  No, whether or not the company can stay open depends on two things: One: Did the board have any indication of the hidden drug lab? And Two: How badly contaminated is the building?

Cy:  (returns from bedroom, beaming with a big smile) She said "yes!" I said I'll call her back with the details.

Steve:  That's great! Should we go out for dinner before the performance?

Cy:  Sounds good to me! What time should I tell Linda we will pick her up?

Steve:  (looking at watch) The curtain goes up at 8:15; there's a nice restaurant across from the theater….I'll make a reservation for 6:30 or 7:00….How far away does she live?

Cy:  She lives in an apartment about 2 miles away from Omega.

Steve:  All right… (still looking at watch) Maybe we should get her around 5:30? (Cy goes to the bedroom again.)

Natalie:  Did you notice how happy he is? That big grin makes him look 20 years younger. Steve Falling in love will do that to a person. (looking directly at Natalie) We haven't been alone very much, but I want so much to get to know you Better…

Natalie:  I'd like that too, Steve. It's just that right now, things are so confusing….

Cy:  I told her we could pick her up, but she wants to take a taxi and meet us here. I gave her the address and said I will meet her downstairs around 6:00.

Natalie:  I don't know what to wear….I don't bring anything appropriate… (she rushes to her bedroom to look through closet.)

Steve:  I'll make you a little bet.

Cy:  What's that?

Steve:  In about two minutes, Natalie will come out of the bedroom and say she has nothing to wear to the theater.

Cy:  (laughing) I'm sure you will be right; women never seem to have enough clothes.

Natalie (running out of the bedroom) Steve, I have nothing…

Steve:  (grinning) Natalie, we were just talking about going shopping.

Cy:  We were? (looks confused at first, then understands what Steve is doing.)

Steve:  Yes, we both need to buy something for tonight. And we want to buy you something, too.

Natalie:  (frowning) But I couldn't let you do that…

Cy:  Why don't you consider this a birthday present. You can't say no to a birthday gift, right?

Natalie:  You guys are the dearest, sweetest… (she hugs both of them.)

Cy:  (blushes) Hey, your soup must be cold by now; should I put it in the microwave?

Natalie:  I think I'm too excited to eat!

Steve:  Well, we promised Dr. Field to take good care of you; so finish your soup and then we'll go. That will give the limo driver time to get here. (He flips open the phone again and calls the driver. Hi, could you pick us up in the next 30 minutes?
Author: Torsten Daerr