Good news, bad news (4)

The driver arrives in a short time and they are on there way to go shopping. Steve asks the driver to drop them off at Marshall Field Department Store. They take the elevator to the top floor to shop for Natalie. The doors open to reveal a gold and cream colored salon. The furnishings are opulent with a huge crystal chandelier hanging in the middle of the room while a floor to ceiling mirror reflects the gilded antique French furniture. A few women's formals are displayed on the right side of the room, while men's formal attire is on the left. Display cases hold jewelry sets of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. On the far left and right walls, are men and women's shoes.

Natalie:  Oh, my! Isn't this beautiful?

Cy:  I feel like I stumbled into a palace.

A fashionably dressed woman greets them

manager:  Good afternoon. May I help you?

Natalie:  Yes, please; I need a dress to wear to the theater tonight.

manager:  Tonight? (frowning slightly) That doesn't give one much time, does it? (snobbishly) Most women shop weeks or months in advance for a special occasion.

Steve:  No, it doesn't, but I'm sure you will be able to find something apropos… (to Natalie) or we can go somewhere else.

manager:  (Quickly) Oh, I'm sure we can find something! Did you have a price in mind?

Steve:  No, not really; we're buying her a birthday gift.

manager:  Very well; let me turn you over to Veronica. (She motions to another woman to approach.)

Veronica:  Good afternoon. (smiling) How may I help you?

manager:  This young woman is looking for a gown to wear to the theater tonight. She is really waiting until the last moment…

Veronica:  (interrupts) I think I can find the perfect dress for you. Do you have a favorite color?

Natalie:  I like blue or green; I don't like brown or black.

Veronica:  Why don't you all sit down here; would you like a glass of wine?

Cy:  Sure!

Natalie:  None for me, thanks

Steve:  I'll have a glass, thank you. (They all sit down on gold velvet chairs.)

Veronica:  I'll be back with your wine in one moment. (She leaves.)

Natalie:  I like her. She's much friendlier than the first person.

Steve:  I agree. The first woman was a snob; probably thought we couldn't afford to buy anything on this floor.

Cy:  She made me feel like a poor country mouse!

Steve:  People like that should be reported to their supervisors! (Veronica returns carrying two beautiful dresses; one is blue and the other is green. She is accompanied by another woman who is carrying a tray with two wine filled glasses.)

Veronica:  (Introduces her) I couldn't carry everything so my friend, Jeannette offered to help. She just unpacked these dresses from the designer.

Jeannette:  Hello, everyone.(She hands the wine glasses to the men) I understand you need a special dress for tonight.

Natalie:  Yes, we are going to see Wicked.

Jeannette:  How exciting! I know you will have a wonderful time.

Natalie:  Thank you; I'm very excited about seeing the production!

Jeannette:  Please excuse me; I need to go unpack some more of the collection. (She leaves.)

Veronica:  What do you think about this dress? The color would be very nice on you.

Natalie:  (looking at Steve and Cy) What do you think?

Cy:  I like the color, but I don't like all that sparkling stuff.

Steve:  I have to agree with Cy.

Natalie:  I like the color, too but the green skirt seems too full. I would like to try on the blue one.

Steve:  (looking at watch) Maybe while you do that, Cy and I should go look at clothes over there. If they don't have something in our sizes, then we will have to go somewhere else.

Natalie:  Good idea; I'll go try this on.(She and Veronica go into the dressing room.)

The next hour is a whirlwind of activity as Steve and Cy get their tuxedos, shirts, and other accessories; Natalie finds a dress, shoes, and earrings. They hurry back to the apartment and get ready. Cy rests for awhile as his arm is staring to hurt. Fortunately, there are two bathrooms in the apartment. Steve is able to shower and shave in one of them while Natalie bathes, applies her make-up and fixes her hair in the other one. Steve finishes first and goes into the living room while Cy gets ready. His phone rings.
Author: Torsten Daerr