Good news, bad news (5)

Steve:  (He checks the phone I.D.) Hello, Mr. Webb. Yes, I have a few minutes to talk…we are going out in about 30 minutes…You've arranged a share-holders meeting? When? Maybe you should talk to Cy about that… (Cy walks into the room.)

Cy:  Talk to me about what?

Steve:  Webb wants to talk to you..(hands the phone to him.)

Cy:  Martin? What's happening there? Is the DEA going to let us back in the building soon? (long pause)…I see…Let me talk to Steve and get back to you on that, O.K.?

Steve:  What did he say? I heard the part about a shareholder's meeting…

Cy:  It isn't good news; Martin wants to tell the shareholder's what has happened. So far, he's been able to keep it from the press, because the agents didn't want to tip off the others who are involved.

Steve:  And now?

Cy:  The DEA is going to release the information in three more days.

Steve:  What is the status quo?

Cy:  Nothing has changed. The agent told Martin that if the building is contaminated, it could be years before it is useable again. He also reiterated that if the board was aware of what was happening, then the building and all of the contents would be seized.

Steve:  Yes, I remember that being said. I don't think there's a foreseeable future for Omega.

Cy:  We need to go to that meeting, Steve. I might be able to "pull a rabbit out of my hat" to save the company! (He is smiling as Natalie walks in. She is wearing a long, blue satin dress with a matching jacket. Her long blond hair is piled on top of her head in a mass of curls. In addition, she is wearing long pearl and rhinestone earrings.)

Steve:  Wow; You look beautiful!

Cy:  Double wow!

Natalie:  (very pleased and laughing as she turns around to model the dress.)

Steve:  If everyone is ready. Let's go downstairs to wait for Linda.

They have only been waiting ten minutes, when a cab pulls up to the curb and Linda gets out. Cy hurries to the glass door to open it for her. She is wearing a long, green dress with matching jacket. Small bugle beads form the trim of the lapels and around the neckline.

Cy:  I'm so glad you could come. You look beautiful; I really like your dress.

Linda:  (smiling) Thank you. I remembered green was your favorite color.

Cy:  (He has been staring at her until Steve clears his throat.) Excuse me; where are my manners? Linda, do you remember Natalie and Steve?

Natalie:  Of course, we met at the hospital. I so glad to see you again.

Steve:  Nice to see you again; it is Linda, right? (laughs) I'm amazed you both fooled people for such a long time.

Linda:  Me, too. (looking at Cy) You look very handsome.

Cy:  (a little embarrassed) Thank you; I had a little trouble getting dressed with this bum arm, but Steve helped me.

Steve:  There's the limo; is everyone ready for a wonderful evening?

All:  Yes!

The four have a quick dinner across from the theater. Then they attend the production based on the story of the two witches in The Wizard of Oz. Steve asks the limo driver where they could go to dance. He suggests going to the historic Germania Place, built in 1888 and recently restored to its original grandeur. They enter the ballroom and are in awe of the thirty-five foot ceilings, as well as the hardwood floors and mahogany bars. A sign on the wall states the building has become such an important part of Chicago's history that it is on the Registry of Historic Buildings. They enjoy dancing there for the next few hours.

Linda:  This has been an evening I'll never forget; now I think it's time for me to go home. (yawning.)

Cy:  It's been a great evening! What time is it, anyway?

Steve:  Can you believe it? (looking at watch) It's almost three.
Author: Torsten Daerr