Good news, bad news (6)

Natalie:  I feel like having breakfast; Linda, do you want to come back to the apartment for bacon and eggs?

Linda:  Sure! I hate to see this evening end; breakfast at this hour would be fun!

Natalie:  I just had an idea. There's another twin bed in my room if you want to use it.

Linda:  Maybe. It would sure be better than trying to get a cab in the early hours of the morning! I'll call my sister in a few hours so she won't be worried.

Steve:  Good; that's settled! I'm glad I told the limo driver to get some sleep after he dropped us off; now I don't feel too badly about calling him. (Steve calls the driver who shows up in twenty minutes. They go back to the apartment and all pitch in to cook breakfast.

Cy:  Linda told me she was asked to attend the shareholders meeting, too. We could all go together. (He is putting silverware on the table.)

Linda:  I'm wondering why Mr. Webb wants me there.

Cy:  I told him we worked together to create a medical cure.

Linda:  So you think we are ready to announce it?

Cy:  Yes; I think it will save the company from bankruptcy.

Natalie:  O.K everyone sit down. The eggs and bacon are done; is the toast ready, Steve?

Steve:  Ready! (Everyone sits down to eat.) After we eat, everyone can get a few hours rest. The meeting doesn't start until 2:00

Cy:  That's a good idea. Linda and I will do the clean-up since you two did the cooking. (He smiles at her.)

Within a half-hour, everyone is sound asleep in their rooms. The sun has risen, but they are blissfully unaware of its bright light which is shut out by closed draperies. Each person is wearing a contented smile while dreams cavort in their heads. At 9:00 a.m. Steve's cell phone rings. He groans, reaches out for it on the night stand and sits up.

Steve:  Hello. Good morning, Mr. Jameson. (pause) Yes, I was asleep; we had a late night… (sleepily rubbing his face) No, you don't have to call back… (listens) … I'm going to attend a meeting this afternoon… No decision by the DEA yet. (listens)what! How did that happen? Of course, I'll get a flight to San Francisco as soon as possible… Oh, no! I just remembered… I'm not supposed to leave town while the investigation is ongoing… Let me make some calls… I'll get back to you this afternoon… Goodbye. (He ends the call and walks into the kitchen. Cy is making coffee.)

Cy:  I thought I heard you talking to someone. Want some coffee?

Steve:  Yes! I was talking to Jameson; he needs me to get back to San Francisco today. Someone has been buying up stock in the company. Jameson no longer has controlling interest. He suspects Bruce has something to do with it.

Cy:  That guy that borrowed money from you? How could he afford to buy controlling interest? That would take a lot of money!
Author: Torsten Daerr