Meet Dr. Krueger (1)

The ambulance tore through the streets; its' screaming siren announcing to all that yet another tragedy had occurred. The limo driver raced behind it with Steve and Natalie terrified that Cy had met a terrible death. The driver had barely come to a stop, when the couple jumped out of the car and hurried inside the hospital doors. Rushing to the nurse's station, Steve identified himself and asked to be informed of Cy's condition. The head nurse assured him they would be notified as soon as there was an assessment of his condition. She directs them to a private waiting room. Natalie and Steve sit down and anxiously wait for any news.

Steve: (thinking to himself) Strange how the sounds and smells in a hospital don't change. It seems exactly the same as when I visited Dad……could that have only been four years ago? Seeing that former robust body wasted away and then hearing him whisper, "I wish I had taken you fishing…." I knew then how much he regretted not spending more time with me and I loved him for confessing it.

Just then, the elevator doors open. Helga gets off, looking anxiously around. She spies Steve and walks hurriedly towards him.

Helga:  Have you heard anything from the doctors? Is he going to be all right? (She is on the verge of tears.) How could anyone hurt such a fine man?

Steve:  I thought you would want me to call you, Helga. And I don't know if he has any family we should contact. Do you?

Helga:  He talked about a sister who moved out west somewhere….I don't remember if it was Arizona or California. At one time, they were very close, but after the move…….

Steve:  Helga, this is Natalie. She was with me when the accident occurred.

Natalie:  (hugging Helga and indicating she should sit with them) it's too bad when family drifts apart.

Helga:  I do remember his nephew getting into trouble here. The boys he hung around with were caught shoplifting. It was supposed to be part of their club initiation. To steal something. .Dr. Krueger's sister was so embarrassed; I think that's why they moved. You know, like a fresh start in a small town?

Steve:  I'm going to get everyone some coffee; it might be a long night. (He leaves to find a coffee machine.)

The elevator door opens again, exhibiting the creased, worried brows of Johnson, Turner and Webb. They look around, and then see Helga. They hurry toward her, all talking at the same time.

Webb:  Helga, what's happening?

Turner:  How is Dr. Krueger?

Johnson:  Is he all right?

Helga:  (wiping her eyes of tears) A driver ran into him; and never stopped! (she is angry now) Can you imagine running down a person and then leaving? (She jumps to her feet) They wouldn't even know if he was alive or dead!

Natalie:  Gentlemen, I'm Natalie (extends her hand to each one. They shake hands as she continues). Doctor Krueger saved our lives. When those bright lights blinded us from getting out of the way, he gave us a shove. That's why he got hurt and we only have minor scratches.

Webb:  What does the doctor say?

Turner:  When can we see him?

Johnson:  Is Steve here?

Phillips:  Did they put him in a private room? As if on cue, Steve returns with cups of coffee. He hands them to Natalie and Helga as the men turn to him for information.

Webb:  Can you tell us what's happened?

Turner:  Have you talked to the doctor?

Johnson:  Maybe that nurse can tell us something. (indicating nurse walking down the hall with a med tray. He hurries down the hallway.) Oh, miss, miss!
Author: Torsten Daerr