Meet Dr. Krueger (2)

Nurse:  Yes? Can I help you?

Johnson:  We're trying to find out the condition of a gentleman who was recently brought in. He was hit by a car and…

Nurse:  I'm sorry, sir. I really don't know any details; perhaps if you ask the head nurse at the station over there. (points to a counter.)

Johnson:  Thank you, I'll do that. (He goes to the counter.) Excuse me; I wonder if you can give me some information about Dr. Cy Krueger. He was just brought here by ambulance (He sees a green clad doctor removing a surgical mask as he comes out of the operating room.)

Dr. Field:  I'm Doctor David Field; I'm looking for the relatives or friends of Dr. Krueger.

Steve:  I'm responsible for him. These are his friends and business associates.

Dr. Field:  I'm afraid I have some bad…

Helga:  Oh, no! (moaning, she sinks to the floor in a faint. Dr. Field catches her before she hits her head.)

Dr. Field:  Nurse! Could you please assist me? ( A nurse rushes to his side. Together they place Helga on a chair. They are checking her vital signs as she comes to.)

Helga:  Dr. Krueger……why such a good man…. (She begins weeping again.)

Webb:  We're ruined! Without Krueger (gnashing his teeth.)

Johnson:  Now what are we going to do? (runs fingers through hair.)

Turner:  He's dead?

Dr. Field:  No! He's not dead. (Their faces register shock and relief at his words.)

Helga:  But you said…

Dr. Field:  I didn't have a chance to finish my statement. As I was saying, the bad news is that Dr. Krueger sustained chest contusions, broken ribs, and a concussion. But the good news is that it is extremely remarkable for a man his age that the injuries were not much worse. However, he is going to need some long term care.

Webb:  (collapsing into a chair) So he's going to be all right?

Turner:  (wipes his brow with handkerchief) The company is still safe!

Steve:  (glares at both of them) Doctor, how long do you need to keep him here? I'd like to take him home with me. I'll be responsible for his care.

Natalie:  (jumps to feet, placing hand on Steve's arm) we'll both be responsible for Cy. I can help take care of him.

Steve:  Thanks, Natalie. That would really help a lot. (He looks at her gratefully.)

Dr. Field:  I'd like to keep Dr. Krueger overnight; then assess how he is doing in the morning. He will be in a lot of pain, so let me write a prescription that you can get filled before taking him home. Why don't you all go home and get good nights sleep. We can talk again in the morning.

Steve:  (shaking hands with doctor) Thanks, doctor. I'll be back in the morning. Is 7:00 O.K?

Dr. Field:  No, you're going to need more sleep than that! Come back around 10. By then I'll have a better idea of whether we need to keep him here another day.

Steve:  Is it all right to see him before we leave?

Dr. Field:  I can only allow one of you in the room at the present time.

Webb:  As president of the company, I think I should be the one to go in.

Steve:  No, considering your lack of concern for Cy, I will be the one to go see him!

Dr. Field:  I think that would be best.

Steve:  Doctor, I'm wondering if I should just stay in the room until he wakes up instead of coming back early tomorrow. Could I sleep in a chair tonight?

Dr. Field:  It's a good idea. After suffering such a trauma at his age, he needs to see a friendly face. I can have a cot put in the room.
Author: Torsten Daerr