Meet Dr. Krueger (6)

Steve:  My head!……I was sleeping and … the next thing I knew, I was on the floor. Someone must have hit me.

Nurse 1:  We just saw someone running down the hall; I called for security Dr. Krueger! You're awake! (She looks at him in amazement as Cy sits up and looks at the chaos.)

Cy:  Of course, I'm awake, woman! Don't think I talk in my sleep. What is all the shouting about?

Natalie:  (She goes to the side of his bed.) Cy, you've been in an accident. In fact, you saved our lives. But you're in the hospital because the car hit you.

Cy:  I remember those bright lights…….then nothing.

Nurse 2:  I think we should ring for the doctor and let him know Dr. Krueger is awake.

Nurse 1:  And about the attack.( She calls the nurse's station to relay the message.)

Cy:  Attack? Steve? What's going on? And ……ow! I must have gotten banged up pretty good; my chest hurts. Hey, my arm is in a cast!

Dr. Field runs into the room followed closely by two security guards.

Dr. Field:  What in the world is going on in here? Turn on the lights! (He goes toward Cy) Glad to see you're awake Dr. Krueger.

Cy:  Don't fuss over me; make sure Steve is all right! Someone clobbered him in the head. (Dr. Field looks at Steve's eyes and examines the bump on his head.)

Dr. Field:  Nurse, would you please get me a bandage kit. Steve, you don't need stitches, but there is a laceration on your head. It looks like someone hit you with a heavy piece of wood. There are a few splinters here I'll remove with tweezers. (Nurse 1 leaves the room.)

Nurse 2:  Doctor, there's something else you should know. (shows him the hypo) I found this on the floor. It's not one of ours. I think it was dropped by whoever came in here.

Guard:  We saw someone wearing all black clothes run out the emergency doors, But we couldn't catch the person.

Steve:  (rubbing his head) Ouch! Guess I shouldn't do that! Could you tell if it was a man or a woman?

Guard:  (The guards look at each other and shake their heads.) I don't think I could honestly say one way or the other.

Other Guard:  Me, neither.

Dr. Thanks guys, you can go now. (Security guards leave.) I don't think We need to worry about anyone coming back again. But to be on the safe side, I'm going to have one security guard stationed outside your room.

(Nurse returns with bandage kit. Doctor Field works on Steve's head while he talks.)

Tomorrow, which by the way, is only ten minutes from now anyway, if I think it is in your best interest, I'm going to send you home.

Cy:  Home? By myself?

Steve:  No, Cy. I want you to come back to the executive apartment with me. Natalie and I are going to look after you until your injuries have healed.

Cy:  I don't know what to say… (His eyes mist over.) No one has ever been so good to me. Steve, you are a real friend. Thanks to you, too Natalie.

Natalie:  You're very welcome, Cy. We owe you our lives; you're a real hero. (Cy blushes.)

Dr. Why doesn't everybody try to get a few hours sleep? I'll be back in two hours to check on you both. Good night. (He turns off the light and leaves the room.)

All:  Good night.

Natalie:  It sounds like a good idea to me! (She curls up in a chair and soon drifts off to sleep. Steve and Cy close their eyes and try to sleep. Pain interferes and they have a fitful sleep.)
Author: Torsten Daerr