Meet Dr. Krueger (7)

In just a short hour, they are awakened by the sound of breakfast trays being delivered to the rooms.

Nurse 1:  Good morning, everyone. Dr. Field told me what an eventful night you had! Breakfast is on its way, but first I need to check both of you. (to Cy) I'm just going to check your pulse (she holds his wrist while looking at the second hand on her watch. Then she takes the stethoscope from around her neck, and listens to his heart. She records both on his chart and removes the IV. Next she goes to Steve, checking his pupils. His bandage is soaked with blood so she replaces it with a fresh one. Natalie watches quietly. The breakfast trays are brought in.)

Nurse:  Dr. Krueger, Can you eat with your left hand or would you like help eating your breakfast? (She places the tray with his name on it in front of him.)

Cy:  Nobody's fed me since I was one year old so I think I can manage. Thanks!

Steve:  I think you made a big mistake, Cy. She was cute! (He laughs.)

Natalie You men! I hope you won't say anything when she gives Cy a sponge bath.

Cy:  Can't make any promise about that, Natalie! (He grins.)

Natalie:  Honestly, you're both acting like pubescent boys!

Cy:  I know; just haven't had this much attention in years!

Steve:  Are you sure I can't give you a hand with cutting that meat? and buttering the toast?

Cy:  I guess I do need a little help. Hey, Natalie, can you get that good looking nurse back in here? (he grins.)

Natalie:  Oh, honestly! You boys finish your breakfast; I'll be back in a minute. I want to call Ken and tell him where I'll be. Steve can you give me the apartment telephone number?

Steve:  Sorry Natalie. I don't know it. I'll have to give it to you later. Or you can call him from the apartment.

Natalie:  That's true. I'm going down the hall to freshen up. Be back in a minute. (She leaves the room.)

Steve:  Here Cy, let me open that orange juice carton for you. (he opens the top, starts to hand it to Cy, then stops, puzzled. Steve sniffs the juice.)

Cy:  What's the matter? Does it smell spoiled?

Steve:  No, it smells like … almonds. (He turns pale and walks toward the door.) Guard will you find Dr. Field. I think this juice has been poisoned.

Guard:  Poisoned? How can you tell?

Steve:  It smells like almonds a distinct odor given off by cyanide. I'm going have Dr. Field get this tested. (The guard uses his phone to contact Dr. Field. In the hospital lab, a test confirms that cyanide was definitely in the juice.)
Author: Torsten Daerr