Omega Bio-Tech (1)

Steve arrived at the Fairmont at 7:50 pm. to take Natalie out for dinner. He had never felt happier. Of course, he was sorry that she would not be able to stay with her sister, but... he had some ideas how she could spend the next few days in town. If only he didn't have that all day meeting tomorrow… as he approached the front desk, he realized the clerk would not be able to ring Natalie's room, he didn't know her last name. He would just have to wait until she came downstairs.

When the elevator doors opened, Steve felt as though his jaw had dropped to his knees! She was gorgeous in a low-cut black dress that sparkled with just a sprinkle of tiny stones. It reminded him of a starlight night. He couldn't help looking her over from head-to-toe. Her golden blond hair was twisted in a fashionable chignon, a simple chain necklace with one diamond in the middle hung around her neck and she carried a black satin bag to match her shoes. Natalie was also wearing a big smile as she walked toward him.

Natalie:  Hi there! Have you been waiting very long?

Steve:  Not very, you look fantastic!

Natalie:  Thank you, you look great yourself. Now, where are we going for dinner? I'm ravenous!

Steve:  I think that's great… a woman who admits when she's hungry! So many women I've met are constantly on a diet.

Natalie:  Do you think I need to diet? (Teasing.)

Steve:  (A little flustered.) No, not at all… that's not what I meant…

Natalie:  It's all right, you're just fun to tease!

Steve:  Should I say "thanks?" (They walk out of the hotel, Steve has a chauffeured car waiting.)

Natalie:  I think I could get used to this! (He opens the door and they get in.) Where are we going?

Steve:  I was thinking about you looking out the window of the plane as it started to land, so I'm going to give you another view of Chicago. The driver is taking us to the Signature Room. It's on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building. The restaurant has floor-to-ceiling windows which gives a great view of the city.

Natalie:  It sounds perfect! Do they have music there, too?

Steve:  There's live jazz on the 96th floor. We can go there after dinner if you like. Incidentally, I have a little surprise for you for tomorrow!

Natalie:  A surprise? What is it?

Steve:  I was thinking about you being alone all day. And you don't want to walk around by yourself, so… (Takes ticket from his pocket.) I arranged for you to have a guided bus tour of the city. It lasts all day and includes lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

Natalie:  Steve, this is a wonderful gift. I don't know what to say…

Steve:  I'm just glad you like it. Now, let's order dinner and enjoy the sunset.

They have dinner, go to the jazz club and return to the Fairmont Hotel. Before saying goodnight, Steve asks for Natalie's cell phone number. He will call her when the meeting is concluded. They are hoping to have dinner together again. The next morning, Natalie joins the bus tour that meets at the hotel, Steve goes to Omega for the 10:00 am meeting. In the board room, he is introduced by the president of the company to the other members of the board. He is professionally dressed in a blue suit, light blue shirt, and cream colored tie.

Webb:  Steve, I'd like to introduce you to John Phillips, Martin Webb, Ron Johnson and Charles Turner. (He shakes hands with each as they are introduced.) Gentlemen, this is Steve Lawson from the San Francisco office. Sorry that two of our members are out of town on business, butI'll discuss any action with them when they return.
Author: Torsten Daerr