Omega Bio-Tech (2)

Steve:  Gentlemen, as you know, I've been sent here to help you solve ome departmental problems, specifically as outlined in the agenda booklet. I've been doing this type of work for several years and I can tell you that the best way to solve any dilemma is through team work.

Others:  Yes, I agree. True.

Steve:  What I would like to do first of all, is to go through the prospectus, discuss each point. Let's start with the facilities, then move on to stock offerings, any proposed projects… (Hhe looks up from reading the agenda and notices the men are exchanging strange looks.) Is there something you would rather discuss first?

Phillips:  Well, (He looks at the others.) There have been some strange occurrences downstairs in the labs. Employees have been quitting every week. I tell you, we are at our wit's end!

Steve:  What kind of strange occurrences? (He is obviously interested and lays the agenda on the table.)

Phillips:  Things like chemicals disappearing from locked cabinets, assistants suddenly becoming ill, lights flashing off and on, I could go on and on! This facility is supposed to operate 24 hours a day, but lately we're lucky if we can get anyone to work past 4:00 pm.

Webb:  Looking at a pie chart or a profit and loss sheet is not going to help us until we can figure out what's happening downstairs!

Steve:  OK, let's go have a look at this lab.

Turner:  You mean now?

Steve:  Why not? We can finish this meeting later. I've been wanting to look around the building anyway.

Webb:  That could be a problem with Dr. Krueger. The lab is like his "baby" and he doesn't like visitors. He's a brilliant man, has wild white hair, and is a little eccentric.

Johnson:  I'll say! He only wears certain colors on specific days of the week.

Phillips:  Right! Monday is red day, Tuesday is green, Wednesday is blue, and… what is Thursday?

Turner:  I think it is yellow on Thursday and orange on Friday.

Steve:  How is it eccentric if he wants to wear shirts in different colors?

Johnson:  No, Steve, you don't understand. It's not just wearing a shirt in that color, everything he has on has to be that color, underwear, socks, t-shirt, pants, even his pocket handkerchief.

Steve:  That is a little unusual. I want to go meet Dr. Krueger. (They take the elevator down to the basement lab where Steve is introduced to the doctor, who is wearing every item of clothing in blue.)

Webb:  Dr Krueger, I'd like you to meet someone... (Dr. Krueger has his back turned to the group while holding a test tube in tongs over a Bunsen burner. He turns around at the mention of his name.)

Dr. Krueger:  Huh? What did you say? I don't like to be interrupted… (He notices Steve and extends his hand.) Well, who is this lad? You honor me sir, by wearing blue today! I'm Cyrus Krueger, you can call me Cy.

Turner:  Cy, Steve would like...

Dr. Krueger:  I said he could call me Cy! I'm Dr. Krueger to the rest of you! what do you want?

Steve:  Sir, I understand there have been some problems in the lab. With Your permission, I'd like to look around, I promise to stay out of the way.

Dr. Krueger:  What a nice respectful lad! (He claps his hand on Steve's shoulder.) Here, let me show you some of my work.

Steve:  Thank you, sir. I really appreciate you giving me your valuable time. (The board members look on astonished at Krueger's friendliness.)

Dr. Krueger:  This is my assistant, Helga. She is working on the crystallized protein for a cancer research project. Would you like to look in the microscope?
Author: Torsten Daerr