Omega Bio-Tech (3)

Steve:  Yes, Cy, I would. (As Steve looks into the microscope, the lights flash off and on… then there is complete darkness.)

Phillips:  That's what continues happening and we don't know why!

Dr. Krueger:  Don't worry, I keep a camping flashlight under the counter. (He takes it out and turns it on, illuminating the room.)

Steve:  Does this happen very often?

Dr. Krueger:  Lately, it happens almost everyday!

Webb:  We've had electrician's checking the circuits and they're mystified.

Steve:  How old is the building?

Johnson:  This part of the building about 80 years old; it was remodeled about 20 years ago. We were fortunate to buy it for a "song." as our funding was so low. The newer part is only ten years old.

Steve:  Would it be possible to get blueprints of the original building? (Webb and Johnson look at each other and shrug their shoulders.)

Phillips:  I don't know; but we can try. It might take a few days to find them. (The lights come back on; there is a strong smell of gas in the air.)

Steve:  Quick! Everyone out of the lab! (They run for the door and down the hall as the sound of an explosion is heard. The sudden release of chemical energy continues to break test tubes, windows and doors.)

Dr. Krueger:  My work, my work! (He tries to run back to the lab, but Steve grabs him as the sound of another explosion in the lab is heard. Then all is quiet.)

Steve:  Are you all right, Cy? Sorry I threw you down on the floor like that. I couldn't let you go back in the lab. (He extends a hand to help Krueger get up off the floor.)

Cy:  You saved my life! Did you see what he did? (He asks the others as he gets up) My boy, you are a hero.

Steve:  Thanks, Cy…. Now we need to figure out what happened.

Webb:  It had to have been that Bunsen burner; did you forget to turn it off? (He angrily asks.)

Cy:  How dare you ask me that! Of course, I turned it off!

Steve:  He's right. Remember when the lights went out? If the burner was still on, we would have seen its' light. The lab wouldn't have been so dark.

Webb:  I guess that's true…. I apologize, Dr. Krueger.

Steve:  I'd like everyone to stay here. I'm going to take a look at the lab.

Cy:  No, it's my lab; I'm going to take a look. I'm an old man so it won't matter if something happens… but, Steve, you stay here.

Johnson:  Do you think that is wise?

Turner:  Let's wait awhile longer.

Steve:  We need to get some answers to what happened. Someone go upstairs and call the fire department.

Webb:  No, I can't allow it. We could lose our Federal funding if the fire department declares this was our fault.

Steve:  But the department has trained men who could find the cause…

Webb:  I can't take the risk; no fire department investigation.

Cy:  I'm going in the lab now. (He cautiously walks down the hall to the lab.)

Steve:  We'll give him a few minutes.

Johnson:  I don't like this; if anything happens to him, we'll lose it all.

Steve:  Not much empathy from you, is there? Are you really more worried about the money than the man?

Webb:  Steve, we sold stock in Omega based on Dr. Krueger's reputation. I'm sure it sounds callous to you, but the investors would pull out immediately if he was no longer.

Steve:  Then maybe you should walk down there now to protect your "investment." (Webb nods yes and walks to the lab. In a few seconds he rushes back.)
Author: Torsten Daerr