Omega Bio-Tech (4)

Webb:  He isn't there! Dr. Krueger is missing.

Phillips:  That's impossible; there's only one door to the lab. He has to be there somewhere. (They all run into the lab, searching closets and under counters.)

Helga:  (crying) This is too much; I think we should call the police!

Webb:  No!

Johnson:  No!

Turner:  No!

Helga:  But what are we going to do? (Just then they hear a scraping noise coming from the wall in front of them. They are astonished when a portion of the wall swings open to reveal a small room.) Dr. Krueger!

Johnson:  What in the world?

Cy:  Sorry if I worried anyone; I just couldn't get the door open. Sometimes it sticks. I should have taken more time to build this room, but I was in a hurry.

Steve:  Cy, what's going on? Why the secret room?

Cy:  Truthfully, Steve. I'm a bit of a coward. I sometimes work late by myself down here and I started hearing strange noises. Then I got thinking how someone could come in, hit me over the head and steal all my research notes. So when the company declared a three day weekend holiday, I came here with my tools and built this room. I hide all my research notes in this little room. I was just checking to make sure they are O.K.

Helga:  (wiping her eyes) I never knew it was there.

Steve:  I suggest we start cleaning up this room

Webb:  We could get maintenance to come in.

Turner:  No, Steve is right; we have to do the job ourselves. The fewer people who know about this, the less information will be found out.

Phillips:  I'll go look for some boxes. If anyone asks questions, I'll just say Dr. Krueger is reorganizing the lab.

Helga:  We keep a broom and dustpan in that closet.

Steve:  Great! Be sure nothing is thrown away. We might decide to call in an expert later he would need some evidence to examine.

It is several hours later, when the lab has been cleared of broken test tubes, pipettes, Petri dishes, beakers and other equipment. Dr. Krueger is leaning on a broom and looking exhausted. Steve takes a look at his face and suggests they all need lunch. Helga offers to go to the cafeteria for sandwiches. It will raise too many questions if they all go since their faces and clothes are covered in black ashes. Helga plans to sneak into the first floor ladies room to wash her face and hands. Phillips suggests they go down the hall to sit on the steps. The chairs that were in the lab are now twisted pieces of metal.

Webb:  It must be getting close to four o'clock. The first shift will be going home soon, then we can go upstairs. These stair steps are not very comfortable!

Johnson:  I guess there's no point in continuing the meeting today. Do you want to meet at 10:00 tomorrow?

Steve:  Sure. In the meantime, gentlemen, I want to give you a card with my cell phone number. Just in case you need to reach me before tomorrow. I plan on going out tonight and might not be back at the company suite until late.

Cy:  Good idea; thanks.

Steve:  Cy, you did a remarkable job of building that room! Did you say it only took 3 days? You are quite a carpenter!

Cy:  I've always loved building things from the time I was a small boy. My Dad was so patient; he taught me how to build birdhouses, bookcases, even furniture. I always wished I had been blessed with a son to show him he same skills my father taught me. I taught my nephew a lot of carpentry before the family moved, but it's not the same as having a son to teach.
Author: Torsten Daerr