Omega Bio-Tech (5)

Steve:  I'm sure you would have been a great dad! I always wished my dad would have had the time to teach me wood crafting skills. But he was always too busy, so I learned as much as I could in Boy Scouts. Then it was a required course when I was in Middle School. I really enjoyed that class!

(Helga returns with the sandwiches and drinks. They eat silently, then walk upstairs. No one is around, so they quickly walk to the parking lot. Steve calls for the chauffeur to pick him up. Dr. Krueger drives away. In a few minutes, Steve is in the car, calling Natalie. She agrees to meet him at 8 o'clock Tonight will be a casual night, so Natalie is wearing a green pantsuit. Steve has changed into jeans and a jacket. They decide to eat in a nearby Italian restaurant. They are seated and handed menus. The waiter leaves for a few minutes.

Natalie:  I had a wonderful day! The bus stopped right in front of the hotel. There were about 25 people onboard. They were from so many different states; just here on vacation.

Steve:  I'm glad you had a good time; tell me what you saw.

Natalie:  So many places! We went to the Art Institute, had pizza for lunch, we saw a short matinee at the Comedy Club. It was a closed show, kind of like a rehearsal for the evening show. Then the tour guide pointed out some famous architecture and also the Magnificent Mile. We even had time to do a little shopping and I bought you something. (she reaches in her purse as Steve's cell phone rings.)

Steve:  Excuse me, Natalie. Hello, Cy? What's wrong? Slow down, what happened? O.K. Listen to me, Cy. Get a cab and come to this address. It's 1844 Milwaukee…repeat it to me. Right. I'll wait outside for you. (closes phone.)

Natalie:  What's wrong? You sounded upset.

Steve:  I met a great man today; he's about 70 years old, a scientist with no plans to retire. He loves his work! It seems someone broke into his apartment. He's scared and I told him to come here. I'll invite him to stay with me tonight.

Natalie:  Let's go outside and wait for him. He can have dinner with us.

Steve:  Thanks, Natalie.

They go outside and a few minutes later a cab pulls over to the curb. Cy gets out, visibly shaken. Steve pays the cab driver. Natalie and Steve escort him inside. They sit down again and Steve orders some wine. He asks the waiter to bring them the house special. Steve introduces Cy and Natalie to each other.

Steve:  Cy, take a few sips of wine and then tell me what happened.

Cy:  (He takes a few swallows and seems to calm down a little.) After I left the parking lot, I decide to stop for a few groceries. I always do my shopping on Saturday, but after the lab explosion today…

Natalie:  Explosion? (She looks horrified) What happened? Was anyone hurt?

Steve:  I'll tell you about it a little later. Go on, Cy. You got groceries and….

Cy:  I went home and noticed the apartment door was open a crack. I opened it the rest of the way just as my neighbor, Mrs. Schultz came by with cookies. Nice lady. Always baking something for me.

Steve:  Cy, the door was open….

Cy:  Oh, yes. Where was I? The door was open. I stood in the hall thanking Mrs. Schultz for the plate of cookies. Then we both heard a vase fall in my apartment and saw someone run out the back door. She screamed and I called you. If I had come home earlier…
Author: Torsten Daerr