1. Why is Natalie upset when Cy asks if she loves Steve?

2. Why did Eric's father stop him from spending time with Cy?

3. Why do you think Eric's father moved the family out of state?

4. Cy seems to be embarrassed when asked about his assistant, why do you think he is?

5. Is Steve in trouble with the DEA? Why or why not?

6. How did Charles Turner get involved with drug dealers?

7. How could Omega be closed down by the DEA?

8. Natalie decides not to take money from Heather, and then changes her mind. Why?

9. What are some symptoms of a person who is a psychopath?

10. Why does Heather want to kill Natalie?

11. Why do you think Cy's apartment was ransacked?

12. Do you think a company should own the rights to employee's inventions? State your reasons.
Author: Torsten Daerr