contented — quietly happy and satisfied

concentrate — think intensely about something

mischieviously — teasing in a fun way; not maliciously

indignant — angry or annoyed at something unfair

incredible — beyond belief

pensive — thinking deeply; in sad manner or serious manner

sympathetic — showing pity or compassion

thorough — extremely careful

indulged — spoiled or pampered, catered to

blur — unclear image or memory

embroidery — decorative needlework

orthopedic — relating to bone disorders, injuries

transpired — an even or action that happened

ultimatum — a demand for something followed by a threat

trauma center — hospital especially equipped to treat life-threatening injuries such such as multiple gunshot wounds or severe internal injuries

putting someone on the spot — make it difficult for someone to make a decision

strapped financially — to have little or no money

trouble shooter — person who solves problems, usually in a company

glazing over — to become bored with a speech or other action

blabber mouth — someone who talks too much

black-balled — a system of voting against someone
Author: Torsten Daerr