psychopath — person with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial thought and behavior and a lack of remorse or empathy

empathy — The ability to identify with and understand somebody else's feelings or difficulties

manipulating — controlling someone in a devious way

bankruptcy — legal inability to pay debts

etiquette — society's rules of polite behavior

complications — The result of making something else more difficult or complex

sociologist — An individual who studies society including the development, and structure of human societies and the behavior of individual people and groups in society

subconsciously — present in the mind without being aware of it; beneath the surface of consciousness

appropriate — suitable or fitting for the occasion

cavort — leap around: to behave in a physically lively and uninhibited way

ongoing — continuous action; something in progress for a long time

snob — somebody who feels superior: somebody who disdains people considered to have inferior knowledge or tastes

opulent — lavish display of wealth or affluence

apropos — adj just right: appropriate in a specific situation or in regard to: on the subject of

whirlwind — happening or changing very quickly

status quo — The way things are now; the condition of present state of affairs

"in the other guy's shoes" — to understand another person's point of view or problems

"time frame" — a period of time in which something takes place

"hit it off" — to get along well with another person within a short period of time

"pull a rabbit out of hat" — to produce a method of solving a problem
Author: Torsten Daerr