stockholder — someone who owns one or more shares in a company (shareholder)

persuasive — having the ability to convince someone of your point of view

stunned — shocked or amazed complicated difficult to understand or deal with

urgent — need for immediate action

Tabula rasa — chance to start afresh: an opportunity to make a clean break or a fresh start; clean slate

collectively — shared by all in a group

distribution — process of dividing up and giving something shared

impromptu — not done in advance; without planning

podium — stand place on stage for speaker's notes

strolling — to walk at a leisurely pace

anxious — very concerned, nervous, worried

"Red eye" — an airline flight that leaves late at night. passengers get little sleep, arriving with red eyes.

"old fashioned" — adhering to the values and morals of past years

"trouble- shooter" — someone who tries to solve problems in a company

"scatter-brain" — person who changes their mind quickly; one who does not focus on the topic
Author: Torsten Daerr