Where are the Blueprints? (1)

Steve:  Calm down? No, I will not calm down! Another attempt was made on Cy's life. How is that possible with guards at the door? Why don't you do something? (Steve is extremely angry when being interviewed by a police officer.)

Police Officer:  Sir, I understand how you feel but, I need some information from you for our investigation. (He takes a notebook and pen from pocket and begins to write.) First let me get the names of everyone here. Then I need addresses, telephone numbers and exactly what happened tonight.

Natalie:  Steve, the officer is just trying to do his job; try not to be so agitated. (Johnson, Turner, Webb and Phillips are also gathered in Dr. Krueger's private hospital room.)

Steve:  You're right, Natalie. I'll try to answer all your questions, officer. Sorry about being so angry. But what if someone tries again?

Turner:  (wiping his brow nervously) No, I'm sure that won't happen again.

Webb:  We don't even know if the person was after Dr. Krueger; do we?

Phillips:  That's right; what if the crazy person just picked this room at random?

Johnson:  But his name was on the tray…. (The other men are glaring at him.)

Webb:  If news of this got to any of the stockholders….

Steve:  You said that before!

Turner:  Steve, we're not unsympathetic, but you have to understand.

Steve:  I understand. You are more worried about business than about Cy. I'm wondering if the company has a life insurance policy on him. (The men are startled and speechless.)

Phillips:  I'm not an ogre! Of course, I'm worried about Dr. Krueger; it's just that I have two kids in college to support….

Johnson:  and I just bought a house with a 30 year mortgage.

Turner:  I have to support my family and my wife's, too.

Webb:  If it seems like we are fixated on making money, I apologize, Dr. Krueger. All of us have financial problems and sometimes those worries over-shadow all other complications.

Turner:  That's right, Dr. Krueger; we're not heartless old men.

Officer:  I'd like to talk to each of you alone. Doctor, is there an empty room I could use?

Dr. Field:  You can use my office; I'll show you where it is. (walks him to the door and asks nurse to show officer to his office.)

Officer:  Thanks. I'll talk to you first. (pointing to Martin Webb. They leave.)

Dr. Field:  Steve, I wonder if it would be better to move him to your apartment today. Didn't you say it is a high security building?

Steve:  Yes, it's a company apartment; the only way to get in the building is by punching in the code. It changes every month as an extra security measure.

Natalie:  Are there any guards on duty?

Steve:  Yes, there are.

Cy:  (cranky) You all talk about me like I'm not even here! Don't I get a say in this? You're treating me like a child.

Natalie:  (rushes to his bedside) Of course, you have a say in the decision, Cy! We just want to keep you safe.

Cy:  Humph! (He grins, loving all the attention despite the danger.) Am I getting a sponge bath before we leave?

Dr. Field:  (laughing) Yes, I'm going to send in nurse Kincaid. Interesting woman, she was a professional wrestler before becoming a nurse.

Cy:  (hastily) That's o.k. doctor, I know how busy the nurses are; I can skip my bath this morning.

Steve:  But you were so looking forward to it, right Cy? (teasingly.)

Dr. Field:  All right, no bath. But I will send in a nurse to help you dress and get ready to leave. Steve, there are papers that need to be signed.

Johnson:  I think the board members or the president should do that!

Dr. Field:  Actually, if Dr. Krueger is able to sign the papers, he can be responsible for his own discharge. Be back in a moment. (He leaves the room.)

Cy:  Hey, I just thought of something; did anyone call Helga?

Phillips:  Maybe she's the one who tried to harm you.

Cy:  Nonsense! Helga is a fine woman; she wouldn't hurt a fly.
Author: Torsten Daerr