Where are the Blueprints? (2)

Webb:  Just the same, (he pauses) it's something to think about.

Cy:  That's rubbish! I've known Helga for many years; why would she try to hurt me?

Turner:  Well, why isn't she here?

Steve:  She isn't here, because I didn't call her. You saw how upset she was yesterday. She fainted when we thought Cy had died in surgery.

Cy:  She did? (surprised.)

Natalie:  Maybe you mean a lot more to her than you realize.

Cy:  (quietly) Maybe so.

Webb:  Well, we've got to make some decisions now. (brusquely) What about the meeting, Steve?

Johnson:  Are you coming to the company after taking Dr.Krueger to the apartment?

Turner:  We do have a lot to discuss, so the sooner we get together.

Steve:  Gentlemen. I'll take Cy to the apartment, while you look for the blueprint of the building. I'll call you as soon as I'm on my way.

Phillips:  I seem to remember the blueprint was lost a long time ago.

Webb:  I think I remember that, too.

Johnson:  You could go to the library or the Hall of records…. (He is interrupted.)

Webb:  I'm sure Steve doesn't want to waste his time search for the blueprint; it could take weeks to locate.

Steve:  I have plenty of time. In fact, Mr. Jameson urged me to take a vacation while I'm in Chicago.

Turner:  Why is it so important to find the blueprint anyway?

Phillips:  What are you hoping to find?

Steve:  Maybe nothing, but I think it is a good place to start. (Dr. Field returns with nurse.)

Dr. Field:  Cy, the nurse is going to help you get dressed. Everyone can wait in the hall. I've signed your discharge paper and if you will sign here. (hands him pen and indicates place for signature.) These are some pills for the pain. Just follow the directions on the bottle. Do you want some pills to help you sleep?

Cy:  No, I don't need them. Ow! That hurts. (The nurse is helping him into a shirt.)

Nurse:  I'm so sorry; now for the pants…You have to get out of bed…

Cy:  Hey, Steve! Come on in here.

Steve:  What's wrong, Cy? (worried.)

Cy:  I just don't think it's right for her to help a guy put on his pants; can You help me? (nurse is trying not to laugh as she hands the pants to Steve.)

Steve:  O.K. Cy. Let me help you sit on the edge of the bed. There now slide your leg in here (Steve holds his pants low enough for Cy to slide into them.)

Cy:  Yow! That hurts! (He is finally in his clothes and ready to leave.)

Natalie:  (From the hall) Is everything all right in there? I heard yelling.

Cy:  You can come in now, Natalie. It was just a little painful getting dressed.

Steve:  Where are the others?

Natalie:  They went back to the company. I saw them by the elevator, then they changed their minds and went down the stairs.

Steve:  Cy, sit down in this wheelchair and we'll get you to the limo. (He calls the driver on his cell phone and they go outside to wait.)

It isn't long before the driver appears, taking them to the apartment. Steve checks the refrigerator and cupboards to be sure there is enough food for a few days. He then tells them not to open the door to anyone, nor to leave the apartment. Steve goes to the library to do research on the Omega building. He asks the librarian for help.

Librarian:  Blueprints? Yes, I think I can help you. That's the building across from the old county hospital, right? I remembered when it was remodeled. People were really glad when Omega bought the buildings. It's such a shame when structure like that just sit empty until they are condemned.

Steve:  Wait a minute; did you say Omega owns both buildings?

Librarian:  Why yes, it does. But I always wondered why they didn't fix up the old hospital building. I case it's just used for storage.

Steve:  (thinking) Hmm, that would be an expensive storage facility. Why would they need two buildings? All the research is done in the newer place.
Author: Torsten Daerr