Where are the Blueprints? (4)

Cy:  Nope. Just the night employees; said they were too scared to work downstairs in the lab at night. They insisted they heard strange noises and the lights would flash off and on.

Steve:  Anything else?

Cy:  It seemed to be a lot warmer down there at night. I even heard Webb and Johnson talking about how much the utility bill seemed to have increased.

Steve:  Cy, I need to check out the building when no one else is around; could I use your key to the building?

Cy:  There's no key, Steve. We have security code that has to be punched in. I'll give you the numbers.

Steve:  Do I need to look-out for a night watchman?

Cy:  No; the last one quit about four months ago; Webb didn't think it was necessary to hire another one. There's a good security system in Omega; you can't go from one department to another without a clearance card. Then there are alarmed doors in the sensitive areas, those with government contracts.

Steve:  Is it going to be difficult for me to look around without being caught?

Cy:  No, I'll walk you through it. (looking at blueprint.) Here's the front door. There's a key pad on the right, behind the bush. After you punch in the numbers, you'll be able to go in through the first set of doors.

Steve:  There are two sets, right?

Cy:  Right; now you have to wait for a few seconds for the second set of doors to receive the command from the computer to open. DON'T TOUCH THE DOOR KNOB! If you don't wait for the door to open, then an alarm is activated.

Steve:  Should I start writing down these instructions?

Natalie:  (she has been listening intently) Would you like paper and pen, Steve?

Steve:  Please, just in case I need to take notes. (Natalie goes to find paper and pen.)

Cy:  Once you are inside, if you walk toward the reception desk directly in front, the motion lights will go on. But if you quickly go to the right, they won't be activated.

Steve:  I'd rather stay in the dark as much as possible.

Cy:  There are a few permanent lights walkway lights near the floor. They aren't very bright, but will help you see where you are going.

Natalie:  Here you are, Steve. (handing him the writing supplies.)

Steve:  O.K. I'm ready. ( writes as Cy talks.)

Cy:  Walk past the stairs that go up, past the elevators and then take the stairs that go down to my lab. There are lights embedded in the steps to help you see.

Steve:  (busily writing) Any alarms down there?

Cy:  Yes, but I'll give you the code to the lab. There are cameras on the wall, but that shouldn't be a problem as there is no guard looking at a monitor.

Steve:  As I remember, the only thing on that level is the lab, elevator, and the women's restroom, right?

Cy:  And the maintenance closet. But it isn't used anymore; we keep cleaning supplies in the lab closet. All the other supplies are kept upstairs in the first floor closet.

Steve:  When does the cleaning crew get there?

Cy:  You won't have a problem with them seeing you; they get there around 3:00 a.m. but they always use the back door.

Steve:  I have to go to a meeting this afternoon;; then I'll go back later when everyone has left and look around. There have to be some answers to all of these unusual happenings.

Cy:  I'm going to need some clothes; do you think it is safe to go back to my apartment?

Steve:  No! I don't want you and Natalie leaving the apartment. Make a list of what you need and I'll go get it.

Cy:  Natalie, what day is it today? I like to wear yellow on Thursday and orange on Friday. (looking at her.)

Natalie:  Really? Is there a particular reason for that?

Cy:  You're the first person to ask me that; everyone else just thinks I'm an eccentric old man; but when you live alone, it's easier for me to organize my clothes. I can just reach in the closet and grab whatever color I've decided on for that day. I don't have to waste time!
Author: Torsten Daerr