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Keys to exercises

A. 1. At London airport.
   2. She's German.
   3. Because there was no privacy, the food was
      horrible, and she had to be in by eleven o'clock.
   4. Charming self-contained furnished garden flat.
   5. He meant that they don't have to go to work.
   6. You buy a newspaper and read the accomodation
   7. Through an agency.
   8. A month's rent in advance.
   9. Road drills and bulldozers.
  10. A motorway.

B. 1. She didn't know her way around London.
   2. I couldn't understand the advertisements.
   3. Whatever did it mean?
   4. That was too expensive for me.
   5. You took things too seriously.
   6. I paid her a month's rent in advance.
   7. I moved in on Sunday night.
   8. Was it nicely decorated?

C. 1. You should have seen the flat I had before.
   2. She should have stayed at a hostel.
   3. She should have been in by eleven o'clock.
   4. I should have had the day off yesterday.
   5. We should have looked for a flat.
   6. They should have found a flat.
   7. I should have rung him up.
   8. I should have answered the phone.

D. 1. Smoking is bad for you.
   2. Reading all the accomodation advertisements takes
      a long time.
   3. Staying at a hostel can be very pleasant.
   4. Getting a flat through an agency is the best way.
   5. Building a motorway costs a lot of money.
   6. Translating from English into German is difficult.
   7. Getting the day off is easy.
   8. Paying in advance is better.
Author: Alan Townend