A Dangerous Conclusion (2)

Mari:       I wonder whose idea it was to go to all  
            that expense; wouldn’t it have been Cheaper just 
            to build a new one here?
Sandra:     But maybe the person wanted to have an   
            authentic piece of Holland here.
Pieter:     I think so,too. Remember there are a lot 
            of Dutch people who left their homeland to move 
            so far away. This was like taking a little bit  
            of home with them.

Donita:     What did you do today?
Mari:       We rented a car and went to Bushiribana. 
            It’s a small village on the coast. Look here’s  
            the map. (Pointing to area.) We went across     
            Frenchman’s Pass, the valley where Napoleon’s   
            troops fought against the Arawaks. Then we saw  
            Seroe Plat, where there are abandoned gold      
Pieter:     Gold was discovered there in 1824. It was 
            said that that more than 3 millions pounds was  
            taken from the mines.
Donita:     That’s incredible! I wonder who got rich 
            from it?	
Pieter:     I wonder, too. By the way, I heard yet   
            another tale about how Aruba might have got its’ 
Sandra:     We sure have heard a lot of possibilities 
            today; what’s your story?
Pieter:     It seems that in the 1400’s and 1500’s   
            men traveled all over the Caribbean looking for 
            treasure. One of the islands where gold was     
            found was named “Oro Ruba” which means “red     
            gold.” Now doesn’t that sound a lot like        
Donita:     Yes, it does. I can understand how that  
            name might have become Aruba. But then, again,  
            all of the stories make sense about the origin  
            of the name.
Sandra:     (With a big sigh.) I wish we were given  
            more time to explore. I enjoyed seeing all of   
            the islands. I definitely want to go back.
Donita:     I do, too. Can you imagine how many      
            hundreds of islands there are? There are        
            probably some that will never have a human      
Pieter:     True, true. Well, ladies, we are going to 
            our room to start packing. It’s sad to think the 
            trip is almost over. 
Sandra:     Goodbye; we’ll see you for dinner.       
            (Everyone leaves.)

The women go back to their rooms. They take some clothes to the laundry room, then begin to pack. After changing into formal clothes, they go to the dining room, Pictures are taken, addresses exchanged. The mood is one of sadness. There have been many friendships begun onboard. There is one last night of entertainment by the professional singers and dancers. The women sleep very soundly after their busy day.

Donita:     Good morning! (Looking at ships          
Sandra:     Good morning;
Donita:     We need to make the most of our day      
            today! It’s the last time someone will cook all 
            the meals for me and treat me like a Queen.     
Sandra:     Let me grab a quick shower and I’m ready 
            to do everything onboard!

The women have breakfast, listen to a lecture, play cards with Pieter and Mari, shop, use the computer, go to the beauty shop, and buy a few more gifts. They attend the last party on deck listening to the band and eating dinner.

Donita:     Look at that beautiful moon!
Sandra:     It’s perfect for our last night at sea.
Pieter:     What is your debarkation time?
Sandra:     We don’t get off the ship until 11:00.   
            And you?
Mari:       We get off at 9:00. Our flight home is at 
Donita:     Our flight schedule isn’t very           
            convenient, so we are going to stay overnight.
Sandra:     I’m really happy that we are staying     
            over; it won’t be quite as depressing	 to end 
            the vacation right away. We’re going to explore 
            Florida a little before leaving tomorrow.
Author: Torsten Daerr