A Dangerous Conclusion (3)

Pieter:     That sounds like a good idea.
Donita:     What about you? Do you have to fly back  
            to Holland today?
Mari:       No, we’re going to fly to Canada to visit 
            some friends for a week. We lived there some    
            years ago and traveled around in an old trailer 

Pieter:     That’s what I call our “Bohemian” period 
            of life. We were actors in Canada, struggling to 
            make a living. 
Donita:     We need to get back for the cooking      
            contest in Portland
Mari:       That sounds like fun! How did you decide 
            to participate?
Sandra:     We filled out the application and sent it 
            in 6 months ago. Then just before leaving on    
            this trip, we received letters saying we were   
            both accepted.
Mari:       What are you going to cook?
Donita:     I’m going to make a beef dish.
Sandra:     I’m going to make a dessert.
Pieter:     I hope you will let us know how you did  
            in the contest. What is the prize?
Donita:     First place is $50,000 and a new car.    
            Second place is $25,000 and third place is      
Pieter:     I’d like to win any of those! Do you     
            think there will be some resentment or jealousy 
            if one of you wins?
Donita:     We decided six months ago that any prize 
            money is going to go into a travel account for  
            both of us. That way we can both enjoy another  
Mari:       What a wonderful idea! Do you have any   
            idea where you want to go next?
Sandra:     Yes. I have a cousin in Scotland who is  
            having some difficulty. It’s very strange, but  
            his sheep have been disappearing, one by one.   
            He’s asked If I could come help him. 
Donita:     She’s very good at solving mysteries!
Mari:       You’ve solved mysteries before?
Donita:     She’s too modest to tell you, but the    
            police department calls her when they have a    
            puzzling crime. 
Pieter:     I’d like to hear about some of those;    
            perhaps you should write a book!
Sandra:     Perhaps. I don’t want to appear rude, but 
            I think I am ready to get some sleep. (Gets up  
            from table.) Goodnight. Have a good flight!
Mari:       Thank you; it’s been very nice meeting   
            both of you.

As the women walk away, Sandra hears Pieter say, “She solves crimes!”

Mari:        Shhh! She might hear you. Don’t panic. 
Pieter:      But what if she finds out... She’s      
             turning around.
Mari:        Just smile and wave.

The women go back to their staterooms. Sandra sits on her bed in deep thought.

Donita:      You’re a quiet one.
Sandra:      Did you hear Pieter as we were leaving? 
             He seemed very concerned after you said I help 
             the police department. And there’s something   
             about his hair... I think he wears a toupee and 
             I think he wears make-up.
Donita:      Really? I didn’t notice anything 	    
             unusual... ( She packs a few more things.)
Sandra:      I think I’ll take a walk to the ship’s  
             library and use the computer. I haven’t read a 
             newspaper in ten days.
Donita:      Do you want me to come with you?
Sandra:      No, thanks, I just want to do some      
             research. I’ll take a key with me. (She walks  
             into to the empty library and opens a computer, 
             searching for international news reports.) I   
             wonder... could it be? (She leans close to the 
             screen for a betterl.) I think it is him! (She 
             jumps at the sound of someone behind her.)
Author: Torsten Daerr