How to travel the ocean? (1)

Sandra and Donita have gone to their staterooms. Tonight they will wear long formal dresses for an elegant cocktail party and dinner.

Sandra is wearing a blue chiffon dress with a matching jacket. The dress has small iridescent crystals sewn in a floral pattern. Donita is wearing a beige flowered chiffon dress with shades of pink flowers. They have arrived at the captain's party.

Captain:	Good evening, everyone! I am your host, Captain
		Rolf Draper. Please take a glass from the
		waiter's trays and raise it high while we
		share a toast to this wonderful trip.
		(The passengers raise their glasses.)
		"May your voyage this week be as happy and
		free as the dancing waves on the deep blue

Passengers:	To the voyage!

Captain:	Now with your permission, I will tell you
		a little about this big fellow! I'm sure some of
		you have been curious who this man is and what
		is his training to be in charge of this ship.
		(laughs) Is that true? I will be happy to answer
		any of your questions.

Passenger:	I have two questions: Where were you born
		and how did you get interested in becoming a
		ship captain?

Captain:	Good questions! Well, my family is very
		international. My mother is from the United
		States. She had a scholarship to study in
		Bremen. It was there she met my father; they
		fell in love and got married. I was born in
		Bern. When I was a small boy, my uncle would
		come for a visit from Florida. He was a retired
		Navy captain and would tell me great Stories
		about his travels. So I decided to be just like
		my uncle and become a captain, too.

Passenger:	So you went to Florida to study?

Captain:	No. Remember when I said my family is very
		international? Well, my father has two brothers.
		One of them moved to Sweden and the other lives
		in Holland. I lived with my uncle in Sweden
		while attending the naval academy there.

Passenger:	Then you became a captain?

Captain:	No, it wasn't that easy. (laughing again)
		I worked on cargo ships, fishing boats, and oil
		tankers until I was able to become a chief
		officer. After I got my Master's license, I was
		hired to work on a cruise ship. It was a great
		day for me! I was allowed to invite my family
		onboard for the trip.

Passenger:	That must have been fun to have your
		family with you.

Captain:	Part of the time it was, but it was also
		a little embarrassing. I think my uncles and
		my parents told all 1800 people onboard stories
		about my childhood! I was a very mischievous
		little boy, so they had lots of tales to tell
		about me.

Passenger:	I guess parents are basically the same
		everywhere. They all like to brag about their

Captain:	I think that's true. I enjoy talking about my
		son and daughter.

Passenger:	Can you tell us a little about the ship?

Captain:	Of course, it's my favorite subject. What
		would you like to know?

Passenger:	I'd like to know where it was made and how
		big is it? I'm also curious about how long it
		takes to build a ship this size.

Captain:	Very good questions!  I do have some pamphlets
		here about the ship, (he passes them to a staff
		member) Just raise your hand if you would like
		to have one. Perhaps this can answer most of
		your questions.

Passenger:	I'd like to know about the beautiful
		copies of art.

Captain:	They are not copies of art. The ship has a two
		million dollar collection of art and artifacts
		onboard. (Passengers gasp in amazement.)

Passenger:	Are you concerned about theft?

Captain:	No, we have a variety of security systems
		in place.

Passenger:	It's an amazing collection!

Captain:	Yes, it is. It's really become a trademark of
		the company fleet. It has used treasures from
		the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries to show how
		the Dutch explored the world...
Author: Torsten Daerr