How to travel the ocean? (2)

Passenger:	Excuse me, but I noticed you have artwork
		from other countries, too.

Captain:	Yes, in fact, next to the swimming pool is a
		bronze sculpture of five leaping dolphins by a
		British artist, Susanna Holt. You might have
		noticed the collection of Japanese, Chinese
		and Indian artifacts in the glass cases.

Donita:		This boat seems to have everything!

Captain:	I'm going to give you a little nautical lesson.
		A boat can be carried on a ship, but a ship
		cannot be carried on a boat. The two words do
		not mean the same. So, everybody, answer my
		question. Is this a ship or a boat?

Passengers:	A ship!

Donita:		Thank you for telling us that fact. I'll try
		to remember the difference, but But at my age,
		I might have to be reminded a few times.

Captain:	If there are no more questions, please go enjoy
		some of the activities that are planned
		for today.

During dinner at their assigned table, Donita and Sandra learn that two of the table-mates have been on the ship before. In fact, Larry and Suzanne have taken seven previous trips! They are celebrating their anniversary on this trip and have ordered a cake for the eight of them to share. As they have been to the next port, everyone has lots of questions to ask.

Donita:        Tell us about Roseau. Is there a lot to do 
               in Dominica?
Suzanne:       It’s famous for its Mome Trois Piton      
               tropical rainforest, rivers and waterfalls.      
               There’s also a place called Boiling Lake which it 
               really does!
Donita:        How does it boil?
Suzanne:       It’s fed by volcanic origins and other    
               small fumaroles.
Larry:         It’s also one of the best dive sites in   
               the world.  Then there are several park reserves 
               on the island.
Suzanne:       I liked the whale watching; it was        
               breath-taking to see those magnificent creatures!
Larry:         We really loved seeing the crater lakes,  
               waterfalls and... be sure you see the Emerald    
Suzanne:       There is so much lush greenery around it, 
               the reflection makes the water look like a shiny 
Sandra:        What was your favorite thing you did      
Larry:         I liked the tram ride.  For 90 minutes we 
               were 300 feet above the Breakfast River Gorge and 
               the forest canopy. We could see the waterfalls   
               and some of the birds.
Suzanne:       The colors of those birds; just fantastic! 
               Our guide told us there were 172 species of birds 
               including a few endangered species of parrots.
Larry:         The only thing I didn’t like was the cost. 
               It was $119 dollars each for us to take the tram.
Donita:        But think of the wonderful memories you   
               have; you can’t put a price on that!
Suzanne:       That’s what I told him, too!
Larry:         I agree, but everything on the island cost 
               more than I anticipated. There sure weren’t any  
Suzanne:       Larry’s right. We had this idea that      
               people would live simply and cheaply there. The  
               tourist trade is really great for their economy!
Larry:         Especially, when you consider that ships  
               are bringing thousands of people to the islands  
               every day! Our guide said there are about 20     
               ships that dock daily.
Donita:        Tell us some more about the island.
Larry:         All right. If you enjoy Botanical Gardens, 
               Dominica has Jaco and Sisserou parrots living    
               there. You can also take a hike to the top of    
               Trafalgar Falls, and smell wonderful ginger      
               plants and orchids. 
Sandra:        That sounds like something I would like to 
Larry:         Let me warn you, though, you have to pay  
               $49 to get there.
Suzanne:       Oh, Larry! 
Larry:         What? I’m just telling them they have to  
               pay for the bus that takes them there. They can’t 
               walk to the gardens. You can only hike after     
               paying the driver.
Donita:        I glad you told us about the cost of both 
               those places. That’s a lot of money!
Suzanne:       He’s right. This time we are just going to 
               walk around the town.
Larry:         And maybe do a little shopping.
Suzanne:       But, Larry, that will cost money!         
Larry:         I know, I know. But we should buy a few   
               tourist type gifts for people back home.
Author: Torsten Daerr