Keys to exercises

(Comprehension questions)

 1.	She thinks there could be another problem. She is
	worried	that they won’t go on a trip.

 2.	The ship will be going to different countries. A
	passport is required to prove citizenship.

 3.	No, she doesn’t. The women don’t plan on being in it
	very much.

 4.	Sea-sickness is when the motion of the ship makes a
	person feel dizzy or ill.

 5.	In an emergency, a doctor can read what a person is 	
	taking. It is also proof of a medical reason for
	taking the drug.

 6.	Formal clothes mean long dresses for women, tuxedos
	for men. Semi-formal means women can wear short 
	dresses, while men can wear suits. Casual clothes 
	mean that men and women can wear pants or shorts.

 7.	There is a library, a jewelry store, a gift shop, a 
	beauty salon, a physical fitness center, a tobacco
	and liquor store, laundry rooms and several night 
	clubs with dancing.

 8.	Children have their own activity director who plans 
	lots of things for them to do.

 9.	There is a cruise director who plans all the 

10.	There is golf, tennis, shuffleboard, and lots of 
	inside games, too.

(Cloze activity)

 1.    formal

 2.    container

 3.    documents

 4.    emergency

 5.    difference

 6.    reserve

 7.    medication

 8.    cancelled

 9.    passport

 10.   stateroom
Author: Torsten Daerr