Keys to exercises

(Comprehension questions)

 1.	Aruba is a predominately Catholic country that observes
   	religious holidays. Most businesses close on those days.

 2.	It was built as a wedding present for the bride and
   	resembles a wedding cake.

 3.	Many people are under the false impression that it was
   	the same ship that received a distress call from the
   	Titanic, but the boat sunk off the shore of Aruba is
   	a fruit boat with the same name: the U.S.S. California.

 4.	One story is that the name came from the Spanish phrase,
   	"oro hubo."

 5.	It was built and used in Holland, then dismantled and
   	shipped to Aruba.

 6.	Napoleon tried to take over the island in that valley.

 7.	A Bohemian lifestyle means very few rules are followed
   	and a person often travels from town to town. Sometimes
   	the children do not attend school.

 8.	He seems to be wearing make-up and a toupee.

 9.	A captain is the law on his ship. He can marry couples,
   	and have individuals arrested.

10.	Open discussion of where people would like to travel.
   	Answers will vary.

(Cloze activity)

 1.	intrigue

 2.	solve

 3.	bohemian

 4.	incredible

 5.	crusty

 6.	derive

 7.	fossil

 8.	brig

 9.	toupee

10.	debarkation

11.	numismatic

12.	authentic

13.	implements
Author: Torsten Daerr