Keys to exercises

(Comprehension questions)

1.	Dom, the room steward is waiting to give them information
	and answer their questions.

2.	A steward is responsible for keeping the room clean, 
	bringing towels and turning down the blankets each night.
	He keeps the room stocked with shampoo, tissue, and toilet

3.	Everyone has to go out on deck, put on their life jackets,
	and stand by their assigned boat.

4.	The two items are light devices and inflation straws.

5.	The jacket is made to turn an unconscious person from face
	down to an upright and slightly backward position.

6.	They are the same except for the size. The child size is 
	for anyone weighing less than 90 lbs.; the adult size is 
	for anyone over 90 lbs.

7.	He is the hotel manager.

8.	He has been an apprentice cook, a Purser, and a Controller.
	He worked in Provisions, dining room, bars, food and 

9.	Firmin has been on ships to Europe, the Baltic, 
	Mediterranean, Canada, the Far East, Mexico, Alaska and
	the Caribbean.

10.	This is a list of jobs a wife has for her husband. The 
	name is from her asking, “Honey will you do...?”

(Cloze activity)

 1.	provisions

 2.	code

 3.	demonstrate

 4.	instructions

 5.	drill

 6.	unconscious

 7.	inflate

 8.	apprentice

 9.	announcement

10.	steward

11.	assigned

12.	tender

13.	purser

14.	controller

15.	event
Author: Torsten Daerr