Keys to exercises

(Comprehension questions)

 1.	She had a sign with their names on it.

 2.	Her name is Winsome.

 3.	Christopher Columbus sighted the island on Sunday.
	Dominica means "Sunday."

 4.	She thinks it was an excuse the sailors used to justify

 5.	Britain and France claimed Dominica.

 6.	He was a Prime Minister who was defeated when he ran for
	office a second time.

 7.	He was angry at being defeated in the election and tried
	to start a coup.

 8.	The garden was originally started to provide seeds for
	the farmers.

 9.	Economic plants are those that are edible.

10.	Some of the medicinal plants are: Orange leaf, Guava
	leaf and Periwinkle.

11.	Opinions will vary.

(Cloze activity)

 1.	thoughtful

 2.	skepticism

 3.	lush

 4.	priority

 5.	dwindled

 6.	cannibalistic

 7.	evidence

 8.	medicinal

 9.	genocide

10.	introduce

11.	origin

12.	stronghold

13.	coup

14.	cricket
Author: Torsten Daerr