Keys to exercises

(Comprehension questions)

 1.	Some of the parrots are endangered. There are very few
	left in the world.

 2.	The Sikye, and the Bananquit.

 3.	Yes, the Sandpiper, Barn Owl, and Kestrel came from

 4.	A huge hurricane destroyed the Garden and surrounding

 5.	It is similar to a large rabbit, from the rodent

 6.	A privateer is paid by a country to rob other ships.
   	A buccaneer is not.

 7.	Maybe they were more comfortable speaking in their
   	native language. Or they could have wanted to
   	discuss something private.

 8.	Leprosy was a contagious disease; now it is treatable.

 9.	The house that looks like a wedding cake. 

10.	It is an act of humility to walk on sand.

(Cloze activity)

 1.	ferment

 2.	habitat

 3.	quarantine
 4.	species

 5.	Buccaneers

 6.	continuous

 7.	portray

 8.	ritual

 9.	conservation

10.	collectively

11.	migratory

12.	siege

13.	humility

14.	lepers

15.	tradition
Author: Torsten Daerr