Parrots and Small Animals Sanctuary (2)

Donita:     I read in the ship’s newspaper that the  
            pigs were brought here by the Spanish. 
Winsome:    That’s true; in our history we learned   
            that the French called the Spanish, “Buccaneers” 
            which means the method they used for cooking the 
            pork. It was meant to be an insult.

Sandra:     Why?
Winsome:    The Spanish tried to take over the French 
            lands by killing all of the pigs. Since the     
            animals were a big part of the economy, they    
            thought this would make the French people leave. 
Donita:     What happened?
Winsome:    The Spanish drove them from their land   
            and a new plan developed. 
Donita:     A new plan?
Winsome:    The people on the island were not        
            soldiers, but they were excellent swimmers and  

Whenever a Spanish ship was spotted close to the island, the men would go out there at night and board the ship while most of the crew slept. (They continue walking around the animal area.)

Sandra:     This is very interesting; I don’t know   
            anything about this part of history.
Winsome:    At first, the men would just steal what  
            they needed, but later they decided to start    
            stealing any Spanish ships that came close to   
            the island. Then they became proud of calling   
            themselves, “Buccaneers.”
Donita:     I think I would like to learn more about 
            the pirates in this area.
Sandra:     There’s a library onboard the ship; we   
            can look up some more history when we go back.
Donita:     Good idea!
Winsome:    Now I didn’t forget about your interest  
            in the Kalinago Village. It has a Confusing     
            history; you might like to read more when you   
            get back to the ship. 
Sandra:     Confusing?
Winsome:    Yes, about 100 years before the Spanish  
            came here, the Tainos and the Cribs were        
            fighting. The Caribs wanted women from other    
            villages for wives. Then the Europeans came and 
            fought to get the land. Then when Columbus      
            arrived, he called the people, “Indians.”       
            Kalinago is the Carib word for the people.
Sandra:     I understand why you say it is confusing. 
            I would like to read about the history.
Donita:     I think we should go back into town now. 
            I’d like to see the fort and maybe do some 

They get into the cab. Winsome drives them to the north-west coast where they tour Fort Shirley, named after the Governor of Dominica in 1774. The buildings were in continuous use as a hospital in the 1920’s and then as an agricultural center until it was closed down. Then the ladies return to the ship.

Sandra:     That was a fantastic experience; I really 
            learned a lot from Winsome.
Donita:     Let’s get some lunch, and then go to the 
            library. I’d like to read about the Pirates and 
            more about Dominca. 
Sandra:     We don’t want to eat too much; this      
            afternoon there’s a Filipino Tea at 3:00. I’m   
            really looking forward to trying food from      
            another country.
Donita:     I agree; I’ll just have a salad for now.

After lunch, they go to the library.

Sandra:     (Reading from book.) Donita, listen to   
            this: “To this day, the Kalinago people fight   
            against what they regard as a misconception     
            about their ancestors. The film “Pirates of the 
            Caribbean” was criticized by the National       
            Garifun Council for portraying the Carib people 
            as cannibals.”
Donita:     Well in this article by Wikipedia it     
            says, “Instances of Cannibalism were noted as a 
            feature of a war ritual.”
Sandra:     What does that mean?
Donita:     It says that cannibalism was part of a   
            religious ceremony.
Sandra:     In my book it states, “Cannibalism was   
            only practiced when a Carib defeated his enemy. 
            It was believed he could take on the bravery of 
            that person.”
Donita:     Here’s another article: “The idea of     
            cannibalism was a lie. It was used as an excuse 
            to enslave or kill the native people.” Isn’t    
            that what the driver told us?
Sandra:     Yes, she did. Look at the time! We better 
            go change our clothes and go to the Filipino    
Author: Torsten Daerr