Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

 1.	Why is it difficult to shop in Aruba on Palm Sunday?

 2.	The most photographed house in the world is in Aruba.
   	Why is it so popular?

 3.	What is the fallacy about the U.S.S California that
   	is sunk off the Aruba shore?

 4.	What is one possible origin of the name "Aruba?"

 5.	Discuss the history of the windmill.

 6.	How did Frenchmen's pass get its name?

 7.	What is meant by a "Bohemian" lifestyle?

 8.	Name a few things that make Sandra suspicious about

 9.	Do you know what kind of authority a captain has at sea?

10.	Have you traveled on a cruise ship?
   	Discuss several forms of travel. Where would you like
   	to travel if you had unlimited funds?

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks.

 1.	The mystery novel was full of exciting __________.

 2.	The detective has to __________ the mystery of the stolen

 3.	Jon travels from state to state in his trailer; he has
   	a __________ lifestyle.

 4.	It is certainly __________ that she won the lottery twice!

 5.	My neglected tools were __________ with rust.

 6.	I __________ a lot of pleasure from listening to
   	classical music.

 7.	Paleontology is the study of life in prehistoric times
   	by using __________ evidence.

 8.	The captain ordered the drunken sailor to the __________.

 9.	John's brown __________ did not match his natural hair.

10.	What time are we leaving the ship? __________ is
   	at 9:00 am.

11.	The ancient money in the __________ museum was

12.	I don't believe that coin is a fake; it looks
   	__________ to me.

13.	My garden tools are very useful __________ for planting
   	flowers and pulling weeds.
Author: Torsten Daerr