Questions and exercises

Comprehension questions

 1.	What are the travel documents?

 2.	Why do the women need to rent a car?

 3.	Who will do all the driving?

 4.	Why doesn’t Sandra buy insurance?

 5.	Why does she want to inspect the car?

 6.	How long did it take to drive to Seattle?

 7.	Why does Donita want to sleep in her clothes?

 8.	Will the hotel clerk call them in the morning?

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences

 1.	Jean is __________ a birthday present in the mail.

 2.	When the stone hit my car, it made a small __________.

 3.	My train ticket, passport and hotel reservations are 	
	important __________.

 4.	I need to pay my car and house __________ every month

 5.	“I __________ the right to question him later,” said
	the attorney.

 6.	Jill thinks it was __________ when she married a man 
	from her hometown, after moving 2,000 miles away!

 7.	“I’m not sure this name is spelled correctly. Would
	you please __________ it?

 8.	John thinks he can just __________ for luck instead
	of studying for the test.
Author: Torsten Daerr