Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

 1.	What does a “stop-over” mean?

 2.	Why are the women shocked when they go to baggage claim?

 3.	Why does the customs officer tell the women they are very 

 4.	What time can people board the ship?

 5.	What do you think the agent means when he says the ship is 
	a “floating city?”

 6.	Why do think someone would want to be a stow-away?

 7.	Do people respect someone in a uniform more than someone 
	wearing other clothes? Why or Why not?

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks

 1.	He pushed the wheelchair up the __________ onto the ship.

 2.	We talked to the customs __________ before boarding.

 3.	All items made in another country have to go through

 4.	Jena was in __________ when she couldn’t find her passport.

 5.	We had a short __________ before the flight to Florida.

 6.	When the ship sailed at 5:00, 1800 people had __________.

 7.	After such a long flight from Canada, it was good to

 8.	We had to show __________ getting on and off the ship.

 9.	He had no money to pay for the trip, so he was a

10.	Our sleeping accomodation on the ship was in a very nice
Author: Torsten Daerr