Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

1.	Who is waiting in Donita and Sandra’s room?
	Why is he there?

2.	What is a steward’s job?

3.	What does everyone have to do for the lifeboat drill?

4.	What are two items on the life jackets for safety?

5.	How is an unconscious person safe in the water?

6.	Are all the life jackets the same?

7.	Who is Firmin van Walle?

8.	What were some of the jobs he had in the last 28 years?

9.	Firmin has been on several ships sailing to what places?
	Name six of them.

10.	What do you think a “honey-do” list is?	

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks.

1.	I will need to pack many __________ for our long trip.

2.	The children used strange letters for their secret

3.	The famous chef will now __________ how to make Tiramisu.

4.	We just need to follow his __________ to make this 

5.	Our teacher said the spelling test would be easy if we
	__________ every day. 

6.	The accident victim was __________, but breathing 

7.	We need to __________ all the balloons for the birthday

8.	Firmin was an __________ chef while he studied in Paris.

9.	We waited anxiously for an __________ of the baby’s birth.

10.	The __________ cleaned our room, gave us fresh towels and
	answered all the questions.

11.	Dom’s boss __________ him eleven rooms to clean.

12.	The ship could not dock close to shore, so we had to take
	a ___________.

13.	I’ll go see the ship’s __________ when I need to cash a

14.	His job as __________ was to keep financial records for 
	the ship.

15.	Attending a wedding on the ship was an exciting __________.
Author: Torsten Daerr