Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

 1.	How did Captain Rolf Draper decide on his career?

 2.	What kind of training did he have?

 3.	When and where was the ms. Maasdam built?

 4.	How many people can be on the ship?

 5.	Why do you think the captain is not worried about 
	theft of the artifacts?

 6.	Why do Suzanne and Larry know a lot about Roseau?

 7.	How does the lake water get hot enough to boil?

 8.	How many species of birds are on the island?

 9.	Is it cheap to go on vacation on Dominica?

10.	Name three things a tourist could do on the island.

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks.

 1.	The beads on her formal were __________ in the candle

 2.	The ballerina had __________ movements in her dance.

 3.	She wants to __________ the idea of becoming a chef 
	next year.

 4.	The fantastic music played by the students greatly
	__________ us.

 5.	The Egyptian __________ were found in The Valley of the

 6.	Hallmark Card Company has a famous __________.

 7.	By following the stream uphill, we found the __________ 
	of it.

 8.	Be careful!  The natural hot springs are fed by 
	__________ next to them.

 9.	The lovely __________ ring matched her sparkling green 

10.	We took the __________ to the top of a Swiss mountain.

11.	A __________ of green covered the forest floor.

12.	Did you know that Eagles are on the __________ species
Author: Torsten Daerr