Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

 1.	How did the women recognize the driver?

 2.	What is the driver’s name?

 3.	How was Dominica name?  What does it mean?

 4.	Why doesn’t Winsome believe the story of cannibalism?

 5.	What countries claimed Dominica?

 6.	Who was Patrick John?

 7.	Why was he put in prison?

 8.	What was the original purpose of creating the Garden?

 9.	What is the meaning of “economic “plants?

10.	Name a few medicinal plants.

11.	Give your opinion: Why do you thin drug companies look at
	herb medicines with skepticism.

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks.

 1.	My neighbor was very __________ to bring me soup when I
	was	ill.

 2.	His story of seeing a purple UFO filled us with

 3.	Her garden was filled with beautiful __________ 

 4.	Getting good grades was a top __________ to Jennifer.

 5.	After buying a new car, my savings account had 
	__________ a lot.

 6.	The horror movie showed __________ eating of the dead 

 7.	His research efforts finally showed the __________ of a
	cure for the disease.

 8.	The patient’s chart showed all the __________ care he

 9.	The pirates used __________ so there were no survivors
	on the island.

10.	Jim, I would like to __________ you to our new neighbor.

11.	The __________ of the sparkling stream was high in the 
	snowy mountain.

12.	The fort provided a __________ against the invaders.

13.	The military __________ caught the citizens by surprise.

14.	We love sports and saw a __________ game while in Europe.
Author: Torsten Daerr