Questions and exercises

Comprehensive Questions

 1.	Why do parrots on Dominica need to be in a sanctuary?

 2.	Name an unusual bird in the Garden.

 3.	Do any of the birds migrate to other places? Name one or

 4.	What happened to the Garden in 1979?

 5.	What is an Agouti?

 6.	What is the difference between a buccaneer and a

 7.	Why do you think captured women spoke Maipurean to other
	women and to the men in Carib?

 8.	Why did lepers have to be quarantined?

 9.	What is the most photographed building on Curacao?

10.	Why is there sand on the floor in the Jewish museum?

Cloze Activity

Use the vocabulary words to fill in the blanks.

 1.	We waited three weeks for the homemade wine to

 2.	The natural __________ for kangaroos is in Australia.

 3.	When my cousins all came down with the measles, my aunt
	put them in __________.

 4.	Birds and fish are not in the same __________.

 5.	__________ were not the same as privateers.

 6.	He won the marathon because of __________ training.

 7.	The actor was able to __________ Abraham Lincoln

 8.	Organized religions usually have __________ ceremonies
	for weddings.

 9.	It is important to have a __________ area to protect the
	Bald Eagle.

10.	The teachers agreed __________ on the new contract.

11.	Many of the birds in Aruba are __________ flying to
	Florida in the winter.

12.	Captain Bligh laid __________ to the town of Aruba.

13.	Giving up her doll to her sick sister was an act of
	great __________.

14.	Father Damien worked tirelessly among the __________
	with the disease.

15.	She continued the __________ of wearing her mother’s
	wedding dress.
Author: Torsten Daerr