Questions and exercises

Comprehension questions

 1.    Why does Sandra want to go on a vacation?

 2.    Does she want to go to Alaska?

 3.    Why doesn’t Donita want to go to Hawaii?

 4.    How many days can the women go on vacation?

 5.    Who is helping them plan the trip?

 6.    Name some of the problems the agent has.

Cloze activity

Use the vocabulary words to complete the sentences

 1.   The __________ had difficulty planning their trip.

 2.   They had to be at the airport at nine o’clock for the 

 3.   The cold weather made them want a __________ vacation.

 4.   Another name for a passenger ship is a __________.

 5.   When there are problems to solve, the agent had 
      __________ to overcome.

 6.   The __________ company owned fifty trucks.

 7.   My boss will give me a two week __________ this year.

 8.   John has cows, chickens, and sheep. He has been 
      __________ many years.

 9.   It is necessary to make a __________ at that famous 

10.   The professor gave a very interesting __________ in front 
      of the large audience.
Author: Sandra Marttinen