Vocabulary words and expressions

Provisions        supplies or other items necessary for a   

Purser            a ship’s officer who is responsible for   
                  handling money

Controller        an officer responsible for organizing     
                  finances for the ship

apprentice        someone being trained by a professional in 
                  an art or trade

assigned          to give someone a task or duty to complete

tenders           small boat used to transport people from a 
                  ship to shore

steward           a person who attends to people on an      
                  aircraft or ship
events            an important happening or incident		

announcements     public statement giving information or    

drill             a repeated exercise or training

instructions      spoken or written statement of something  
                  that must be done

code              information system of letters, numbers or 

demonstrate       explain, show or describe how something   

inflation/inflate act of expanding something with air

unconscious       unable to see, hear, or sense what is     
                  happening, usually due to an accident or
Author: Torsten Daerr