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11 Amazing Ways to Write a Sweet Introduction for Your Blog Posts

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Picture this. You recently moved into a new neighborhood.
After a whole month, you still haven’t talked to your next-door neighbor and neither have they talked to you.
Everyone is busy on the street and isn’t bothered about you. Now imagine that someone randomly greets you in the street.
A few days later another stranger knocks at your door with a basket full of fresh muffins and welcomes you to the neighborhood and maybe even a gathering or party of some sort.
What would you rather happen to you? The cold response or warm welcome? I’ll take a guess and say the warm welcome.
It makes you want to be a part of that community and stay a part of it. The same applies to your writing.
If a blog post starts out in an inviting way, you will have more people reading it to the end (which is what you are aiming for) instead of just skimming through.
How you introduce your post to your reader is therefore very crucial. How do you do this?

Your Title
This is the first thing your reader will see. It, therefore, has to be as catchy as possible. Let it call out to your reader’s curiosity.

The contraceptive for men who want it all.

Start Out in an Inviting Way
Don’t just rush to get your post in writing and publish. Get your reader comfortable like you would a guest at home) and let them feel welcome in your writing space.
You can start by talking to your reader directly in your article.

Do you ever feel like time is never enough? Like there is so much to do but very little time to do it?

Make It Personal
Write as though you are talking to a friend. You could give a personal story and the reader will feel privileged because you let them into your life.

I love being a parent. The rewards are much better than money and material things. Like this morning, my son walked into the kitchen as I was making him a sandwich for school and he just blurted out, ‘you’re the best!’ And it came with a hug too.

Any Common Ground
Mention something that you may have in common with your readers. This will make them feel like you can relate to them.

We all want a good life. A happy family, a good income, and a balance between work and play is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why Are You Writing?
What led you to write that post? What was the inspiration behind it? Let your reader know.

I met a classmate from high school a few days ago and we got talking. The questions she asked me started out as general knowledge and slowly morphed into personal and intimate.

Where do I live? Was I married? Any children? Where do I work? I realized that I had gone through this ‘interview’ a couple of times before and it sounded all too familiar.

I started wondering why society always had the same expectations of people yet everyone is different.

Write in such a way that you create some sort of mystery in the beginning (starting with the title).

This builds your readers’ expectations and they look forward to unraveling the mystery in the body. Give your readers a hint of what to expect and then make sure you deliver.

I went to the most unexpected place for a holiday a few weeks ago. What I found there blew my mind! Let me take you on that journey so you see just how mind-blowing it was!

Start with a Story
Give a story at the beginning of your post. It should of course be relevant to the post you intend to write. A personal story goes a long way.

The little boy stood there waiting, a mixture of excitement and anxiety, for his parents to come back home. They said they would be back in a few hours with his new sister but it had been a whole day and it was getting dark. He didn’t want to sleep at the neighbors’.

Back at the hospital, his father was struggling with his emotions. His wife was having a difficult time in the delivery room and she had bled too much. She didn’t have enough strength to push anymore and she couldn’t hold on any longer.

The doctor came running into the room and someone tried to get him further away. She was wheeled out and he was horrified by her ashen face. ‘Please save her’, he began to mutter under his breath, not sure whether it was to God or the doctors.

Anecdotes are short stories with a punch. They are very useful because they get your reader’s attention and serve as an icebreaker of sorts.

People use them when giving speeches so why not use them in your writing as well?

So I walk into this pastry shop and I find lots of yummy looking treats. One has ‘low-calorie, unsweetened cookies’ written under it. For a moment it sounds inviting, what with the craze about healthy eating and watching calories.

Then I start to imagine what it tastes like and it becomes a little less appealing. Cookies should be a sweet treat, right?

They should satisfy your sugar cravings like madness and make you feel like you are tasting forbidden fruit! Then I remembered that I was actually supposed to be buying fresh fruit so I walked out angry at I’m not sure who.

A detailed post gives people the impression that you are keen, focused, and good at your work.

Numbers make you sound more authoritative and knowledgeable about what you are talking about. It boosts the credibility of your post.

60 people die of TB every single day. The stigma surrounding the disease is still rampant yet it is a disease that can be cured with proper care and medication if detected early.

Influential people are often quoted in various scenarios. Such quotes can add weight to your post and give it a little more respect and authority. Ensure the quote is relevant to your post.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ~Confucius

Pose questions that will get your reader to read on to get answers. Be careful with this because if you aren’t watchful you may find yourself asking mundane questions that leave the reader annoyed. A friend of mine calls it gross verbosity.

What effect did this have on the Millers?

Start out well and keep your audience glued throughout. Reach out to them and their situations as you give your story.

Don’t speak at them but to them and you will find more and more people reading your work.

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Author: Alissa Zucker